Looking for a soundtrack

Does anyone know were I can find the soundtrack LP for Dr. Zhivago. I'm looking for the original MGM high fidelity recording.

I actually have a copy, which I got for $2.OO, but one side is not very good.

Please contact a record store in NYC called Footlight records. I am sure that they would have this recording in stock.
Try http://gemrecords.gemm.com/ I have one and very popular record; all bet I have 2-3 more in my duplicate boxes.
The Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton, NJ, may have a copy in stock, or know where they can get a copy. Here's the link: http://www.prex.com/
Thank you.

gemrecords.gemm.com had the copy I wanted and it is on its way. It is a 40 year old copy --1966.

Thanks again for your help everyone.