looking for a stand mount speaker to match a s/s int amp.

Hello all  , happy to be back at this hobby.

Just acquired a Classe Cap 151 ( 150 watts at 8 ohms/ 225 at 4 ohms )

( Panasonic DVD-A ,Harmonic Technology Fantasy speaker wire & HT Truth Link I/C)

Looking a used stand mount speaker to match my amp , low volume listening a must .

This system stay in my 12 ' x 15' 1/2 room.

My budget is limited from $500 but can squeeze up to $800/1000

Here a few that  I like but never audition , so I am depending on your honest advise.

1. Nola boxer 2

2. Von Schweikert VR-1

3. Vienna Haydn Grand

4.open ...??

  A good sounding n musical speaker  can be driven with  my cap 151 & tube integrated amp

 in the near future. I listened below 9' 0 clock or 1/2 from zero , mostly at night time.

I thank you all in advance. pescolar

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Have you tried any of the Neat lineup - some of the best I've heard in a small box.

Also Kudos has some very nice small speakers that excel.

Both are articulate, accurate and pretty dynamic, with a nice depth to the bass line for a small speaker.

Might be harder to find in the US

Good luck

So far my friend lend me his extra speaker that not in use  in his system. It is a Dynaudio Audience 72 connected to my sytem right now, Sounds very good but on a high volume which good enough for me, for now I have plenty of time to visit near audio dealer in my area and audition some few speaker .

Thank you all and I will let you know what I get but It will take some time.