looking for a stand mount speaker to match a s/s int amp.

Hello all  , happy to be back at this hobby.

Just acquired a Classe Cap 151 ( 150 watts at 8 ohms/ 225 at 4 ohms )

( Panasonic DVD-A ,Harmonic Technology Fantasy speaker wire & HT Truth Link I/C)

Looking a used stand mount speaker to match my amp , low volume listening a must .

This system stay in my 12 ' x 15' 1/2 room.

My budget is limited from $500 but can squeeze up to $800/1000

Here a few that  I like but never audition , so I am depending on your honest advise.

1. Nola boxer 2

2. Von Schweikert VR-1

3. Vienna Haydn Grand

4.open ...??

  A good sounding n musical speaker  can be driven with  my cap 151 & tube integrated amp

 in the near future. I listened below 9' 0 clock or 1/2 from zero , mostly at night time.

I thank you all in advance. pescolar

Typically the more efficient a speaker is the more listenable and enjoyable it will become at lower volumes. I would want to find some sort of balance and that may prove to be difficult.

The Classe makes a lot more current and you may not get the best it has to offer if your not making it work a little harder for it.

The valves on the other hand might feel more at home playing 12-15 ohm high efficiency speakers at low volume and would probably sound great doing it.

Those same speakers on the Classe will play much much louder with relative ease and you still may not be reaching its sweet spot where it begins showing its real talents.

What kind of tube amplifier do you have? And what types of music do you listen to in order from most to least?    

Here a few that I like but never audition , so I am depending on your honest advise.

1. Nola boxer 2

2. Von Schweikert VR-1

3. Vienna Haydn Grand

4.open ...??

I pick No. 4, Open. 

But seriously, why don't you attempt to audition the speakers on your list?  As well as some others too?  If you cannot, then go hear some other brands that have similar design, specs and drivers to start to get an idea of what sounds best to you.  Not us!   Also, rest assured that your Classe amp will drive anyone of them with no worries.

Speakers are the most subjective component of all.  They all sound different and we all hear different.   You must hear some on your own.  That is my honest advice

What have you actually heard that you like? What did you like about them?
First of all I listened a lot soft rock and jazz.
Tube integrated amp ..next purchase after speaker.
I never heard any one of them yet. Thru reading reviews only.
You guys are right, I should go audition especially the Nola Boxer 2.
Yes ,I will go to the nearest dealer here in SF,Ca. soon.

Btw, are there any Classe Cap 151 owner's here at Audiogon ? and what speaker mostly they match?

meerzistar104 posts04-27-2016 1:48amTypically the more efficient a speaker is the more listenable and enjoyable it will become at lower volumes.

My experience is contrary: 
More efficient and sensitive speaker is susceptible to equipment imperfections and may reveal idle noise. 
Classe amp is powerful enough to factor out speaker efficiency. It's the amp/preamp ability to deliver undistorted signal at quiet listening volume levels which I'm sure in Classe equipment very well designed.
The ideal monitor speaker I'd choose Totem Model 1 used.

Good sounding and musical could mean many different things to many different people. More specifics would be helpful in making better recommendations for you. That said, Silverline Minuets are widely well regarded and in your price range, and they should be available in the SF area to demo. Try to arrange an in-home audition if at all possible. Best of luck.
Btw, are there any Classe Cap 151 owner's here at Audiogon ? and what speaker mostly they match?

At 150wpc into 8ohms and 225wpc into 4, just about any speaker ever made.

Tube integrated amp ..next purchase after speaker.

If this your intention, why are asking about speakers that will work with the Classe solid state integrated?  You do realize that once you go to tubes, the speakers that a much lower wattage tube amp can drive will be become far more limited.  In fact, I would strike all three speakers on your original list off because they would all be poor choices with a tube amp. 

You need to determine what kind amp you really want first and then talk about speakers.   Solid State and Tubes are two whole different things.

You might want to give some consideration to the Peachtree D5 speakers.  They are apparently being closed-out and can now be had for $599.  They do well with more power, so your amp should work well with them.  Nice speakers with decent bass, and they are good looking also.  I've been very happy with mine for quite some time, and the wife likes them too.  
Picking speakers to match your amp?  Isn't that sorta like picking out a car to match the license plate holder screws?

I have Silverline Minuets and like them a lot. May be worth a listen if you have an opportunity.

A good point was brought up about changing to a tube amp, especially if the amp only generates a few watts. That move may limit your speaker options.

If you can, find a hifi store that has a customer service mentality and wants to help you get the best value for you. They may let you home audition some different models. You may ask for referrals online for stores in your area. 

Try to steer clear of jerk balls if you can, life's too short, and it won't be fun- unless you enjoy that kind of thing. 

Best regards-

I will not replace the classe amp, instead add a tube integrated to my system.

But one pair of speaker ,time to time listen with a tube or s/s amp.

But one pair of speaker ,time to time listen with a tube or s/s amp.

If this the case, then strike off everything on your list and also what has been suggested so far. 

Time to start to auditioning speakers of higher impedance and sensitivity and find a pair to match the tube amp first.  Whatever you choose, your Classe will have no problems.  Good luck to you.

Last year I changed from my beloved Totem Fire monitors to a pair of Focal Sopra No2 floorstanders, after moving my system from our 13x24 living room, to my 24x26 "man cave".

I just happen to have the Totems up for sale on Audiogon now.  They are more expensive than the budget you quoted, but they are a wonderful pair of monitors.
I doubt you could find the Nola Boxer 2 in your price range but the original Boxer is a remarkable bargain and usually sells for around $900.

The pair I have replaced a $4K pair of very highly regarded floorstanders and I'm just as happy with the Boxers as I was with the much more expensive speakers. I use them with a ss Simaudio Moon I-5 LE most of the time but they also sound wonderful with a 10w per channel tube amp I have.
There is a pair of B&W CDM-1SEs listed for your budget.

That would be a nice match, imho.

[disclaimer: no affiliation to seller]
Paraneer gave you excellent advise. If keeping both amps, focus on speakers that are good w/the tube integrated which will be lower powered in your price range. 
Still you must go listen to SOME speakers and tell us what you like about SOME. If not, we might as well be telling you what ice cream flavor to buy if you've never tasted chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. BTW, dark chocolate and Nolas are both far superior! 
FWIW tube-friendly monitors like the Totems mentioned, Reference 3A deCapos and small Nola predecessors Alon II (small floorstanders) might be in the conversation. Cheers,
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Have you tried any of the Neat lineup - some of the best I've heard in a small box.

Also Kudos has some very nice small speakers that excel.

Both are articulate, accurate and pretty dynamic, with a nice depth to the bass line for a small speaker.

Might be harder to find in the US

Good luck

So far my friend lend me his extra speaker that not in use  in his system. It is a Dynaudio Audience 72 connected to my sytem right now, Sounds very good but on a high volume which good enough for me, for now I have plenty of time to visit near audio dealer in my area and audition some few speaker .

Thank you all and I will let you know what I get but It will take some time.