Looking for a warm linestage preamp

I have crossed over to mainly vinyl and hope to soon be the owner of an ARC PH-7. I'm considering, when funds present themselves, getting a tubed linestage preamp. I currently have a Theta CB3 going into Krell KMA-160's. I have a good clean sound, but it was suggested to get a "warmer", full rich sound, a tubed linestage might be what the doctor ordered. I have read several reviews on the new ARC 27, the ARC 26 and even the ARC 17. All are hybrids with most getting good reviews but, some end up saying "Not as warm as one would consider a tubed preamp to be" etc. Does anyone have any suggestions? I will have a limited budget of around $3-4K. Preamp must have a remote with both single-ended and balanced ins & outs preferably with black face.
There's a Vac Renaissance listed right now for 3290.00 which will meet your requirements.
The ARCs are not going to be warm if that is your search.

The Cary SLP-05 will give you a lot more warmth and has all the featurs you are seeking. Typically selling for about $3,200 used or $4,500-$5,000 new/demo with warranty (as of summer 2011).

My stronger recommendation would be an Aesthetix Calypso original or signature. The original is great (I owned two of them) and respond incredibly well to tube rolling (with several great posts on this site outlining the sound differences among different NOS tubes to make it easy for the non-tube roller).

With the Calypso, if you want more warmth change the tubes. Less warmth, change the tubes, etc. . . Having 3 pair of different sounding 12AX7 tubes based on tube reviews will literally give you three different sounding preamps. Even the top cover of this preamp is held on with velcro to facilitate easy tube changing.

You can taylor the sound based on your mood - it is GREAT!
I agree with Ckoffend. I owned the stock Calypso for a few years... sold it... regretted it... and now own the Calypso Signature version. Make sure you research and use high quality NOS tubes.