looking for an "all in one" unit.

Is there a single box receiver(amp,pre,tuner), with a CD player built in? I believe NAD makes one but are there any other manus?
Arcam makes the Solo and Solo mini, I know there are some Solo's listed right now. TEAC and Yamaha both make small chassis models, they even have DVD versions available. I can't speak for sound quality since I haven't heard any of them, but the Arcam should be good. I've been thinking of getting the TEAC for a second home, I need something small to keep it inconspicuous, but I'm not sure if it has enough power for two pair of in-wall speakers. I'll be interested to see if anyone else has alternatives.
Esoteric RZ-1: http://esoteric.teac.com/amplifiers_&_preamps/rz-1/

Has 100wpc integrated amp / CD-SACD player / 32 bit USB / SPDIF DAC / phonostage. It does not get more one-box than this.
Linn Classik K. 4 speaker hook up, clock, alarm clock, main out so you can hook up another (tube) amp, add a phono stage for a TT, hook up a reel to reel or a cassette deck or a cd recorder. 56 watts into 8 ohms 75 watts into 4 ohms. Bass & treble tone controls, remote control and more.
Hi, take a look at- "April Music Aura Note" just google and read all about it. I've seen a few on audiogon for around $1000.00. Good Luck, Tish

P.S. I've heard this unit powering a pair of King Sound "Prince" electrostatic speakers and was amazed at how good it sounded!
I've got a Linn Classik driving a pair of Linn Katans, and it sounds fantastic. I've also got an NAD L40 driving a pair of PSB Image 1B's (used to be in my office - now in my kids' room). For the price, that's a nice combo, and the newer NAD is probably a step up. Doesn't compare to the Linn though. The Linn is much more musical than the 200wpc Rotel separates it replaced. If you add another amp to go aktiv, or a subwoofer, it's even better.
The cool looking little integrated Jolida MC 30. Has preamp/single ended tube amp/cd/am/fm, and an iPod docking station It also has a pre out if you want to use a more powerful amp plus an rca aux input to add tape, external cd or other input. I use it with a pair of Radio Shack LX150's and it sounds really good. Got some good reviews and there are some upgrade mods and a few companies selling it already modded as new.
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Consider the Cambridge Audio One+. This is a compact "all-in-one" system which will not break the bank.

"One, a system which harnesses the convenience of your iPod with a fully-integrated micro hi-fi system. Punching well above its weight, a powerful amplifier, custom designed iPod dock, hi-fi quality CD player and a state-of-the-art DAB/FM radio"

Full information is available at the below link


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Shanling MC-30, MC-50 or MC-3000. All offer excellent sound for the dollar. Metal fabrication quality is excellent too. Looks and design are in some ways unusual, better for the top of a piece of furniture than on a lower shelf or behind a door.
cmalak - Yeah, for $6,000! Tell ya what, you buy it and ship it to me, I'll tell you how it sounds. ;-D
Tiggerfc...first of all, the OP did not list a budget so I am not sure why you are voicing your opinion about how much the RZ-1 costs. Also, if you were to try to piece together a system comprised of separates that accomplished all the things that the RZ-1 does (integrated amp, CD/SACD player, DAC, and phono stage), you can easily go above it's retail of $6K without blinking an eye. So thank you Tiggerfc for your concern for the OP's wallet but why don't we let him decide what is good value and what is not. Why don't you spend your time being a bit more helpful to the OP and chip in a suggestion yourself for him to consider. I am sure you have not even heard the RZ-1, so how you are in a position to make a value judgement about it's price/performance is beyond me.
but are there any other manus
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What's a manus?
What's a manus?

I believe the OP was abbreviating: manus = manufacturers. So he was asking if there are other manufacturers that produce "all-in-one" units other than NAD which he is aware of.
Naim uniti its a bit pricey but it sounded awesome when a heard it on some cheap paradigm standmounts. I think it ticks all the boxes and is ready to go for computer audio as well. Not sure about all the specs but I think you should check it out.
I ditto Tobias on Shanlings' MC 30 all in one unit above. I actually responded a little earlier in this thread but erroneously called it a Jolida instead of a Shanling. I have one, a Shanling MC 30, and it is an extraordinary unit for the $1000 list and the $~ $500 preowned here on audigon. It is about 1 watt per side SET but with the appropriate speakers you can have a little bit of SET heaven.
cmalak - Calm down. A little humor won't hurt anyone. But it wasn't unrelated to the op. I looked it up. It in fact is $6k. And as you should be well aware, everything has a price tag and everyone is concerned with it to varying degrees. And as everyone is also distinctly aware of, you needn't spend nearly half that to obtain great sound.
I own the esoteric rz-1 and can say it is very nice in appearance and function. It sounds great, too. I decided to reduce the stack of separates in my livingroom. My laptop fits right on top. I Feed iTunes and Pandora to rz-1 via USB, which makes for fewer wires, fewer dust bunnies and a lot less heat in the summer. I am an esoteric fan and have been for three years.
Update: I switched my connection between MacBook and RZ-1 from USB to glass fiber. The MacBook has a two-way headphone jack, which also serves as a mini-toslink port.