Looking for Chinese drums CDs

Having recently heard an imported Chinese Drum CD, I am now looking for a few titles. If they are properly recorded, I can tell you that they are VERY dynamic instruments and great to listen to on top notch equipment. I've done the normal searches. Unfortunately, they came up with no real answers. I'm hoping someone has some better sources. Thank you, Aaron
I believe that sheffield labs has a disc out. It was a top notch recording typical of their work.
Marketed by: Golden String International Ltd.
Re-Mastered by Doug Sax
Beloved Chinese Instrumentals
Jing Ying Soloists
Golden String Audiophile Repertory

The above CD is outstanding. The information is taken from it's jacket. Maybe using any of the key words will help you.
aaronm: you may be looking for "master of chinese percussion." it's on naxos (no. 8-225942). there's one piece from this recording on the burmester sampler (vof├╝rings) cd iii.-kelly

ps- i've just found another disc on naxos with the same artist, yim hok-man. it's titled "poems of thunder" and has the same piece, "poem of chinese drums," as that on the burmester disc already noted. see: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00004UEGM/qid%3D999975583/002-8030256-5148814
aaronm: the cd noted by bigjim (now titled "favorite chinese instrumentals" and on xrcd) can be found at: http://www.fimpression.com/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=FIMXRCD019

What you are looking for is a cd named " Zhang The Drums of JiangZhou" 3rd edition. It's a live performance recording. The 24K gold CD is the best.
Jbls8r: you have a source for your selection? i haven't been able to find it on the 'net, yet. -kelly
Thank you for the info. I have now ordered a few. It seems the secret was to have known Yim Hok-Man's name. Thank You again, Aaron
Here is one that will give your gear a real test.

Parmita He Xun Tian XRCD-5258 JVC Japan