Looking for new DAC: one box or two?

Hello all. I am considering a new DAC to replace my Musical Fidelity TriVista 21, which is fed by a MF A3.2 CDP. For digital, I currently listen only to redbook cd, no SACD or computer audio (yet). I like the sound I have but know that the TriVista is probably quite outdated compared to today's DACs. My question is: should I look for a one box CDP/DAC or a stand-alone DAC that I can feed with my A3.2 CDP (which--knock wood--has been trouble-free for 12-13 hrs.)? Vinyl is my primary source, but I have a lot of cds and still enjoy listening to them. Thanks for your advice.

System: VPI Scoutmaster TT (SDS, upgraded clamp), Soundsmith Paua cartridge, Transparent Reference Phono MM2 cables, Herron VTPH-2 phono stage, Musical Fidelity TriVista 21 DAC, Musical Fidelity 3.2 CDP, Transparent digital cable and music link Ultra interconnects, Musical Fidelity NuVista 800 integrated amp, Transparent Reference MM2 speaker cables, and Wilson Audio Sashas. Also Transparent power conditioner and power cables.

This dac has the newish Delta Sigma type conversion, 1bit ,bitstream, and ESS are similar.
If you like that type of sound that is polite, smooth and easy to listen to, fine.
For Redbook cd I now prefer the old school R2R ladder multibit dac chips, which are a dying race because of very high manufacturing costs, up to 10 x of the Delta Sigma type dac chips.
A well implemented R2R Multibit dac chip has a "jump factor" that delta Sigma's can't get close to, but they need to be implemented well. Like the Metrum Pavane and Totaldac and a couple of others use, they are very expensive but you won't go back to Delta Sigma once you've heard it.
I suggest for the $11 parts cost for 5 you only need 4, to replace your tubes takes about an hour for a tech to do, and see how you like it.

Cheers George
Thanks George. I need to educate myself a bit (no pun intended) on the subject of DAC chips. I do like the sound I have, but I really have not listened to any other DACs in my system. What other suggestions do you have besides what you mentioned?
My opinion don't worry so much about the dac chip type but listen to the total package. Some companies do delta sigma just fine. I have a r2r dac and a delta sigma dac and love them both. System synergies and overall design trump all.

I know my opinion might not jive with current attitudes but let your ears be the judge.
Thank you guys very much for your responses. So, does anyone have some suggestions of particular DACs? I have read several of the threads here already. Are any of the usual suspects a particularly good match for my system? Thanks.
I had to first check the date on your post to see if I had mistakenly read a real old one.
Dude! Did you know that today's USB DAC's like the Ayre QB-9 24/192 will SMOKE your 3.2 CDP? And the new DSD version is a BIG jump up from the 24/192!! It takes a $5000 CD player to match the performance of the Ayre QB-9 DSD. I actually like the M.F. products, I have the A308cr amp and it is awesome, But if you sell the 3.2 and use that money to abscound on a QB-9 (even a 24/192, then upgrade for $500 to the DSD) and rip your cd's to a dedicated 7200rpm hard drive connected to a dedicated mac mini, you will be in a new world in terms of sound quality and ease of use. Use a NAS server with a pair of 3TB drives mirrored so if one fails you just spend a couple hundred to replace and let it replicate the music from the other and go again. Your 3.2 will wear out and then what will you do?? Be stuck with a DAC that is made for CD players?? Before about 2010, I would be full of crap suggesting this, but with the latest versions of Jriver and cheap used mac mini's and cheap NAS drives the is the ONLY way to go. Pick up your iPad (even an old one) and you have thousands of albums at a touch. Feel free to contact me for more on this, dude.