Looking for preamp suggestions

I'm looking for suggestions of preamps to consider. My requirements:

Minimum two sets of balanced inputs and at least 2 unbalanced
Balanced and unbalanced outputs and ability to use both simultaneously (for use with a sub)
Remote control of volume, mute, input selection
Small increments of volume control (=/< 1dB steps)
Volume level readout, visible from 12 feet away
Solid state or tube
Quiet, reliable, unfussy, established brand, attractive
Good sonics, of course, but the human factors above are equally important
No more than $3K used

Whadya think? Thanks
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Add some to the budget. Get an Accuphase that will have all the gizmos you want.
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Thanks for the suggestions so far -- keep em coming. I thought someone might mention a used ARC LS26, though not sure those are available within my budget yet.
What does BAT gear sound like? I have no direct experience with it, but have an impression that it is on the dark side and tends to sounds a bit bloated or pompous.
I've purchased a used but fully up-to-date Ayre K5Xe with the new Maximum Performance upgrade. I can't say if I will like the way it sounds, but it meets the rest of my requirements.