Looking for recommendations for new receiver

Hi all, 

Upgrading my current setup and wanted to see if there were any recommendations on where to start my research. 

I currently have a 3.1 set up (moved to NYC a few years ago and apartment doesn't accommodate having my rears - so actually using them in a bedroom instead)

 I currently use a Yamaha RX - V573 purchased in 2012 new when I had no money. This has worked great for me as I use my system dual purpose to be both the 3.1 audio for my TV system but also run my phono through the receiver as it has a direct bypass for the analog audio signal that is coming from a separate pre-amp that I play for Hi-Fi sound on just the two floor standing speakers. All speakers are Klipsch Reference Series (42 models) 

Looking for something that hits some of the specs below

- Supports 4k video (ideally would support 8k so I don't have to upgrade again in future, but only have 4k now) 

- 5.1 minimum support (I don't know when but hopefully will move to bigger spot where I can reinstate my full surround system or expand to 7.1) 

- supports hi-fi analog signals - Would be open to a unit with built in pre-amp, but would like to keep the ability to play everything analog straight through to the speakers

I'd like to keep this below $1,000 given my space limitations on driving full immersive sound experience, but ideally would be a great receiver that has room to grow with me for a few years. 

Thanks for all the help and happy to answer other questions to the degree they help. 


I think sticking with Yamaha makes a lot of sense.  They’re always highly rated for their sound and are one of the most reliable AVRs you can buy.  Plus, you can buy them on accessories4less.com and get a like-new unit at a large discount.  Best of luck. 


I agree with you about Yamaha AVR .

The only issue I have with this brand is the YAPO speaker-room calibration 


@maxwave Yeah, I hear ya. Have you used YPAO? I’ve worked with Audyssey and, meh. My opinion on these things is that they’re just a starting point and you really need to fine-tune by ear to your own preferences in the end anyway. The Anthem ARC might be an exception, but even a used MRX720 (previous generation) is a bit above the OP’s preferred budget and doesn’t have a phono input. What might be interesting is the new Dirac upgrade option, but not many AVRs have that capability and even if they do it adds significantly to the cost and honestly not sure it’s worth it. From the reviews I’ve read Audyssey and YPAO aren’t exactly night n day different so not sure how much a decision point that should be, but again I’m a bit of a control freak and don’t trust any of these RC algorithms anyway. But point well taken.

BTW, the main reason I recommend Yamaha AVRs besides bulletproof reliability is 2-channel performance.  I worked for Magnolia at Best Buy for a short bit and got the opportunity to compare all the top Yammy, Onkyo, Marantz, Denon, and Arcam AVRs with B&W 804D3s and the Yammy was the only one that was able to produce a deep, 3D soundstage and clarity with my audiophile demo material that reminded me of my own $7k separate amp/pre.  (Going into the shootout my $$$ was on the Arcam so I was more than a bit surprised by this).  The others sounded more flat, congested, and 2D by comparison, and I was interested to see in the review you linked the reviewer found something similar.  FWIW.

Thanks so much for the advice! I had been looking at the Denon AVR-X2700H. Any thoughts you have about that brand would be helpful. My understanding is that it does also have a phono input.

Truth of it is that despite being in my 30s I have started losing hearing and now wear hearing aids. I find that I still appreciate the good quality of sound systems on a relative basis (meaning I still appreciate the higher quality systems others have that I hear compared to lower quality), but have a lot more trouble with tuning and differentiating by ear the balance of my own system these days. 

I have the Anthem MXR 520 and highly recommend it for what it does. It also has a separate pre out for the front channels so I could integrate it with the home theatre bypass of my Musical Fidelity M6si.

Yamaha gets high marks for making dialogue intelligible. Anthem for all around immersive. Are your priorities music or video? Given your current space limitations I would opt for Yamaha. If you move in 5 years and decide you would prefer Anthem the used market will probably have a lot to offer

spend a bit more nad receivers are far better


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thanks all! This is very helpful. 

To answer a prior question, I will most often be using the system for video, but don't want to sacrifice the analog audio if at all possible.