looking for solutions to turntable platter static

I'm hoping for some insight into how I can reduce the amount of static electricity charging the platter of my VPI HW19II. I have gone to the trouble of fabricating a ground strap tying together the platter bearing, the motor mount and the Krell KPE that I use with good results but am still finding a decent charge on the platter.
I'm assuming the static is a product of the friction generated by the belt drive. Is this a problem that is resolved by VPI's upgrades to the mark 3 or mark 4 HW-19?
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I had the same problem with an older TNT 3 - purchased the TT, installed my cart which was the Maestro Wood - everytime I tried to to play an album I would get zaped, actually dropped several disks so I called VPI - it turns out due to the wood body of the Maestro, the grounding of the TT is only at the arm - static will not discharge through the wood.I then attached a 22g ground wire( stranded) to the bearing shaft by using a cable tie around the shaft which when pulled tight bonded the stripped wire to the shaft. This I then grounded to my amps grounding post. No more static. Hope this helps.
I concur with raising the humidity of the room. All points raised above are valid, however.