Looking for someone in Toronto to help me ship an amplifier, please see note

Hi Chaps,
I want to purchase a Sugden A21a that it is for sale in Toronto. The owner cannot ship because he had lungs transplant.
It would be a matter of picking it up and shipping it to me, I live in Pinecrest, FL.
If someone would be willing to help me it will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Horacio Vignale
I have bought from Canada, the last thing you want is to receive a damaged anything from Canada.

Original packaging available? Can seller get it packaged properly?

If not packaging by seller, not a dead end.

UPS Canada will handle everything if the seller or someone he knows can just get it, un-packaged, to a UPS store.

you give UPS Canada your info and credit card info, they are expecting it. UPS packs it, and ships it to you. UPS is thus liable for safe packing and any potential damage.

Seller could have anyone he knows take it to USP for him/you.

Someone here might pick it up and take it to UPS for you, I am not sure who might want to take the responsibility of packing it.

good luck,