Looking for subwoofer recommendations

Good evening, long time friends of mine on here(who recently passed away)


had recommended this site for years. Wish I knew what he went by on here as I’m sure many of you knew him. We were never in the same league with stereo equipment as his pockets were infinitely deeper than mine.

I get most of my stereo equipment from estate sales, etc so..

I have several sets of tower speakers but the ones I like the best are the B&W cdm 7 SE’s. ( Over the Klipsch synergy F 30’s, Klipsch kf-26’s, and cerwin vega e310’s)

I’m running the B&W’'s with a Musical Fidelity A300 and since I like a little extra bass I’m running a SVS PB 2000 Pro. I bought this new scratch and dent and now wish I had bought a sealed sub. This thing can get loud and shake the house but I prefer to punchy bass, not boomy. . I have also tried my Polk PSW12 which I’m my opinion even you factor in the price difference is a better sounding sub, just not paired with the B&W’s.

Finally, my question is what would you recommend and why for a sealed sub? Let’s say we try to stay under $600 if possible.

My finished basement room that I use is a weird "L" shape, about 625 sq ft. ( 38x 19 with a bedroom for my son built in the corner creating the L shape.

Suggestions welcome! I’m fairly new to the audiophile angle, before even I ran my Klipsch KF-26’s powered by a Denon AVR 2700 and Polk sub I thought it sounded decent and was happy with it until I heard much better speakers. Now I don’t care for the Klipsch sound, too bright for me. I purchased some should Klipsch Heritage speakers from a garage sale for $125 but was not impressed and sold them for 600 I think.

Anyway my point is that I’m a amateur audiophile just leaving what I like. I listen to most genres from hard rock to synthwave to Dire straits and Nora Jones. I’m all over the place. Thanks for any help and sorry for the long post!


+1 for a Vandersteen sub or two.

Using the external crossover makes it seamlessly integrate.

Yes, you will pay a bit more money, but not having to fiddle with settings (only set the crossover to your amp's impedance), makes it easy to set up.

Add to that, Vandy subs are built like tanks. Even 2w subs are still working to date, despite being 30 years old.


I use a pair of Hsu Subs in my office. I would have put the 2wq's in, but space issues precluded that move. In any case, the Hsu subs are perform well, but not to the level that my 2wq's and Sub 3's do.



Agree with miller carbon, I have 3 subs (looking for #4) and I have it dialed in nicely....


I have the SB2000 Pro. Get the app! You can adjust Low Pass Filter, Phase, Polarity, Parametric EQ, Room Gain Compensation and of course the volume.

How would one connect a third sub if the first two are hooked up in stereo mode, one left, one right.