Looking for Tube Preamp + SS Power combo for $5000 used

Hello, I would like some advice. I am in the market for a solid-state power amplifier and a tube preamplifier with an excellent phono stage built in. My speakers are Wilson Sophia 2. My phono cartridges are low output moving coil 0.4 mV and 0.6 mV. If I need to use a step up transformer that is not the end of the world.
I was thinking something with a good reputation like an older krell or pass power amp. For the pre-amplifier, maybe something like a Conrad Johnson, VTL or Jadis (I live in Europe, so Jadis is more commonly available here than in the US).

honestly, I am open to all suggestions. What I’m hoping to learn from this discussion is which solid-state power and tube Preamp combinations work well together within that rough budget of $5000 (technically my budget is €5000, focusing on the used market here in Europe).

I don’t really know anything about impedance matching. Sounds like an easy enough topic to learn about. But as I mentioned I’m really looking for a power-pre combo That has great synergy (and a great final stage because 95% of my listening is vinyl)

Thank you!

I got the Belles SA30 power amp on a good deal, looking to match it up with a Supratek pre. Should be close to your budget.
This is a great thread because it focuses on the all important question of synergy. I’m looking forward to reading the recommendations.