Looking to Modify a Quicksilver Linestage

Just received a Quicksilver Linestage and was looking for some info on possible upgrades. Anyone who has owned one and done some modifications please shoot me some ideas and recommendations.

Tubes, caps, and low noise resistors. Or for the same money upgrade to a better unit. The upside of modification is the fun and making the choices. The downside is that the modified unit is likely to be worth less and be more difficult to sell to boot.
To my ear the biggest bang for the buck is to replace the resistors with Vishays, which lower the noise floor allowing you to hear the other mods better. If you want more specifics, I will respond to an email.
Joseph Chow of Audio Horizon modified my quicksilver linestage. Turned a thousand dollar linestage into a very high performer.
I have the older preamp with phono. All internal wire is MIT and it made a HUGE difference. Will possibly sell with Silver Monos as all are in great condition. Modified Pro Ac Super Towers with MIT big cables make a great set up. wish I could still use them, but space is not right and wife had to have remotes, lol.