Loricraft PRC, multiple-step cleaning and static

Hi everyone,

I've recently bought a PRC4 to upgrade from my previous PHK RCM (typical vacuum-based design).

I decided to use the same 3-step process I was using before, only using the L'Art du Son fluid. I'm using MoFi Enzyme cleaner, L'Art and MoFi Pure Rinse.

I'm getting tons of static on the Loricraft. Major cracking sounds when removing the record from the platter on it. Records don't sound clean because of this, and the felt mat on my TT is getting stuck to them, a problem I never had before. They were always pretty much static-free with my previous RCM, and I was expecting the Loricraft to do even better in that regard, based on all the positive feedback it gets.

What could I be doing wrong?

Try less time on your last cycle/rinse. I don't know what you had before, but on my VPI 16.5 I shut it down after no more than 3 rotations or else I get static.
Possible that the Loricraft dries more efficiently and so in less time. The static is incurring after all moisture is gone and friction.

Also, pick a Zerostat gun and use when you notice static.
Gruv Glide will eliminate the static. I'm not convinced it improves the sound of a clean record, but it really clears up the static issue for a long period of time. It cleans off if you can't live with it from a philosophical point of view. Personally, I think the lack of static make the disc collect less dust and makes vinyl an easier experience. My 2 cents, anyway.
When I vacuum off my final rinse it is for no more than 2 rotations, then I air dry the LP for 1/2 hour prior to putting it back into a sleeve. I have found static to start to be an issue at 3 or more rotations. I use an Okki Nokki RCM. I will only use Gruv Gum on a rather noisy suface noise wise record. New or Near Mint LP's I have found to be dead quiet with a proper RCM clean cycle w/o Gruv Glide. I try to avoid coatings on my LP's.
I haven't heard of anyone having static problems with a Loricraft before. In fact, one of the advantages of the Loricraft compared to the VPI, Nitty Gritty, etc. is precisely the lack of static buildup. (The earlier posters don't realize that the Loricraft operates differently.) I use L'Art du Son on my PRC-3 and I have never had static problems. Why don't you try using only the L'Art du Son and see if there's any improvement. An anti-static gun would be worth trying also. I have one but don't use it since I have never had a static problem.
are you doing L'Art du Son first and then the Enzyme cleaner? if so, try the Enzyme cleaner first and L'Art du Son second. are you using new staic resistant sleeves after your cleanings? I have used the Walker system (with 2 rinses) on the same machine for years with great results. It is a fine machine.
Something else you might try - place a Bounce dryer sheet next to your RCM. Then, while touching the edge of the newly-cleaned record, use your other hand to touch the Bounce sheet.

I know that dryer sheets work wonders at eliminating static build-up when walking across a carpeted room to access your hi-fi rig. It might be worth a try to see if they do the same with static build-up on your records after cleaning...

I was using nearly the same solution regime you list (just a different brand of enzyme cleaner), application with a Mo-Fi pad, which I like... the issue was that the increased surface area or contact area of the pad resulted in lp's slipping or dragging against the platter.

I remedied this with some small PSA backed foam-rubber non-slip furniture-foot pads from Home Depot on the platter. I filled as much of the surface of the platter as possible to avoid creating high-spots for thinner lps which might tend to bend easily. Once the pads were applied, I had no more static issues, in fact, records that come out of the sleeve with static, come off with noticably less static post-cleaning, go figure.

Hope this helps.