Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society

Saturday, May 28, 2005 meeting info:

Dear Members,

Here's what a really great Audio Society is all about!

Our next event has it all! Renowned audiophile Brooks Berdan plus the Wilson Max II Super Loudspeakers plus the Greatest Software Raffle Ever plus Brooks' Famous Audio Museum plus dinner selected by our EVP Mark Katz plus the most beautiful analogue goodies this side of the Mississippi...what a way to spend a Saturday evening!!!

And what a raffle!! All the new RCA and Mercury SACD's!! DVD Movies from Warner, Paramount, Fox, and Columbia...even the Star Wars Trilogy!! LP's including test pressings and more! CD's and DVDA's, too. The Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon SACD and more and more. Everyone wins!! Your Executive committee has pulled out all the stops to make this annual event amazing.

Hear the Stereophile Class A Rated Wilson Max II's set up to perfection as only Brooks' can do!! 15 turntables and more to audition.

It's Saturday Evening May 28th 5-8pm Guests and New Members most welcome!!

Directions: Brooks Berdan is just off the 210 Freeway. You can find the store by taking the 210 Freeway and exiting on Myrtle and heading north (towards the hills) and turning left on Olive Ave. The store is located in the first lot on the left and the address is 110 West Olive Ave in Monrovia. You can also reach the store by using Foothill Blvd and turning south (away from the hills) and turning right on Olive Ave.

See you all at Brooks Berdan LTD on May 28th,

Bob Levi


Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society

America's Premier Audio Society www.laocaudiosociety.com
This is a highly recommended event. Lots of nice people at one of the premier high-end audio stores and THE analog expert in Brooks. Unfortunately, I have moved to Louisville and won't be able to attend. If you are in Southern California, do yourself a favor and plan to be there. Bob, good luck.

Dear Members,

We have a NEW address and website. The address is www.laocaudiosociety.net so link it today and toss the .com address away!!! The new site will be up soon...meanwhile, important Society info and updates are available at the new location. Try it! Our sincere thanks to Carol Clark, V.P. and Webmaster.

And Mark your calendars for more outstanding summer fun with your Audio Society!

July 17 Digital Ear in Tustin Presents Harmonic Technology with Special Guest Jim Wang, President of Harmonic Technology! Hear the Magic Reference Silver Interconnects and the Incredible CyberLight [Fiber Optic] Interconnects and more! Super System includes EMM Labs DSD, JM Labs Loudspeakers, and Halcro Electronics!!! Great triple! raffle of Harmonic Technology Interconnects! Lunch served!! Sunday July 17 2-5pm at the Digital Ear Guests most welcome!

August 21 LA's first Trinaural Audio Demonstration! Our Host John Casler features 3 top of the line VMPS Loudspeakers set up for maximum sound quality and realism! Special Legendary Audiophile Guest: Jim Bongiorno, Brian Cheney, plus, meet Andy Miller, CEO of Soundstring.

System includes 3 Ampzillas, 3 VMPS RM30's, McCormack UDP-1, and Soundstring Cables. Amazing Raffle of ALL! the Soundstring Cables in the system!!! Thank you Soundstring!! Sunday August 21 1-4pm Holiday Inn at 7000 Beach Blvd at the 91 Guests most welcome!

Now this is how audiophiles truly enjoy the summer with your LA&OC AUDIO SOCIETY! Please mark your calendars and forward to your audiophile friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you on July 17th and great listening to all,

Bob Levi


Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society Celebrating Our Twelfth Anniversary Year

America's Premier Audio Society www.laocaudiosociety.net
Dear Members and Audiophile Friends,

Please send your checks in right away for the December 11th Celebration and Banquet.

*****12th Anniversary of the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society

*****Harry Pearson to receive Founder's Award and Keynote out Event....Rare West Coast Appearance just for our Society! HP will opine and do Q&A...not to be missed!

$40 each for member/lifetime member and guest $50 non-members Tables of 8 or 10 available for groups. All manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and audiophiles are most welcome!!!

Send your tax deductable check to:

c/o Melvin M. Jay, CPA
137 W. Bristol Ln
Orange, CA 92865
Phone for any Information: 714-281-5850

The event will be at the Hilton Hotel at LAX on Century Blvd. in the elegant La Jolla Ballroom. 6-7pm Cocktails, 7-9:30pm Dinner and Event. Jackets please. Discounted parking at the hotel.

Goto www.laocaudiosociety.com and click "Tix for HP!" for more details.

We need a count so please send your check today!!
Dear Members and Friends,


****Meet Albert Von Schweikert in Person and Hear his Ultimate Statement VR 9 Loudspeakers.

****Win a brand new pair of VR 1 Loudspeakers or one of dozens of DVD Movies from Sony!

****Enjoy the music, the friendship, and dinner, too! All in the elegant and spacious Sierra Ballroom.

****It's all on Sunday, 5-8pm [setup 3-5pm], November 20th at the Holiday Inn at 7000 Beach Blvd. and The 91. [In Buena Park]

You can't ask for more fun than this! Even free parking! And loudspeakers "to die for" tweaked out to perfection!!!!

Put the date on your calendar and don't miss it. Please note the special event time of 5-8pm. Guests and new members most welcome!!!

And peruse the pics from our previous events all on our website at www.laocaudiosociety.com .

Great listening to all and we'll look for you on the 20th,

Bob Levi


Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society

America's Premier Audio Society Celebrating Our 12th Anniversary Year!!

Phone: 714-281-5850 for Society Information or email Bob@Boblevi.com