low BT audio on Sony WF-1000XM5 using iPhone 15 Pro at max device volume

I've tried both the 2021 version of Status Between Pro earbuds and the 2023 version of Sony WF-1000XM5 earbuds on my iPhone 15 Pro. For whatever reason, whenever I set the volume to the highest setting, the audio output is like the same output when you turn your volume down to take a call... it's nowhere near "loud".

For Sony, I even tried their headphones iOS app and set a custom equalizer to all max settings, where it gained about 8-10% in loudness. on both Sony and Status, I've tried changing out earbud sizes, using my fingers to press in to see if there's a fitting issue, and I still can't get anything over a low-medium setting.

My iPhone audio settings are all factory and utilizing the latest iOS version. Any other tips are greatly appreciated


There’s probably an audio volume setting somewhere in Settings that’s set too low. Might be under Audio, General, who knows but you should be able to google it.  That’s my best guess. 

I actually had this same issue.  I have Sony buds but was using the Apple buds until I lost them.  The Sonys are nice but it took some manipulation to get the volume to a level that I like