Low(ish) budget receivers with pre-outs?

Any recs for receivers with pre-outs? I want to use my own pre-amp and amp setup to connect to my projector/Apple TV/dvd player. Looking for suggestions under $700

thank you!
@oitsliver Are you talking about setting up a combo system, 2-channel with add-on HT receiver? Does your pre-amp have HT bypass? Not necessary, but a nice convenience.

I don't have any specific recommendation. I've previously built combo systems, adding Denon, Sony and Onkyo receivers to handle the HT processing, center channel and surround speaker power. Worked great.

The only recommendation I can make is to insure the HT receiver is rated to power 4 Ohm speakers, if you are going to use 4 Ohm speakers for your center channel and surround speakers. Most inexpensive HT receivers are not rated for 4 Ohm speakers. At least not last time I looked. I had to go with one that was toward the top of the brand's line.

Good luck, and enjoy...

Sorry but I'm confused.You have an amp & preamp what is the receiver for?
 NO Digital inputs on PreAmp for Toslink?
Sorry I wasn’t being clear. The receiver would be used to input my Apple TV and DVD player via hdmi and output the video to my projector and output the audio to my speakers

Receiver would essentially be used to add HDMI’s into the mix 

good tip on the ohm’s stuff. Would the receiver still need to power 4 ohms even if the external preamp and amp setup are the ones that are powering the speakers? Sorry if that’s a dumb question 
@oitsliver  - No, you would not need to be concerned with supporting 4 Ohm speakers, unless you were going to use the receiver to power add-on speakers (center channel and surrounds). If you are only going to use it to process your HT sources, and do video switching, etc., you won't need to worry about the power amp portion of the HT receiver being able to support 4 ohm speakers.

Haven't looked at surround receivers in at least 10 years so no specific recommendations except to peruse Marantz,Onkyo,Denon,NAD,Arcam,Cambridge Audio,Pioneer & Sony model lines to see if they have what your looking for..Good luck..
OP"Receiver would essentially be used to add HDMI’s into the mix"..
Why not just get an HDMI switch box?Here is just 1 example..
Xantech XT-SW41-4K18G

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Sorry I wasn’t being clear. The receiver would be used to input my Apple TV and DVD player via hdmi and output the video to my projector and output the audio to my speakers

The way to do that is run HDMI direct from source to projector, and run your stereo audio direct to your stereo amp. That is what I do. Looks and sounds a hell of a lot better that way. https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/8367 My laptop is my movie source so it is not in the pictures. I move the RCA interconnect and HDMI between the Oppo player and my laptop. Sound quality through a $20 adapter is better than through a receiver.


for modern sound options involving Video, understanding HT Bypass is recommended. I had it wrong, but it was made clear by others in this thread:


You may not want to go this far now, you mentioned budget, but at least know about it when deciding

1st the AVR needs line level FRONT OUT.

HT Bypass is an INPUT on a 'front' stereo music system’s Preamp, to pass the front L and front R signals at line level, from the AVR, to the ’better’ amp, and let the AVR control the volume along with the center and surround speakers the AVR amplifies.

Thus, music, or video with surround, the better 2 channel equipment drives the front L and front R.
Good call! I’ll look into hdmi switchers 

The audio out port on my benq 2050a projector is just a standard 3.5mm aux jack. Running my systen directly through that port would destroy sound quality right? I guess that’s why I was looking into receivers in the first place