Low-powered, class A, solid-state integrated amps

Low-powered, pure class A, solid-state, integrated amplifiers. I can think of a few manufacturers who make them, but there must be more.


Can you help complete the list?
Look no further to Pass Labs Aleph 0s pure class A stereo power amp. The most amazing & conservative 40W amp you will ever hear. Good luck on trying to find one of these great amps, they are becoming rare as the dodo bird.

In fact Nelson Pass will tell you himself on how superb the Pass Aleph 0s power amp sounds and one of his all time favorites.
If you go back a lot of years, the Musical (then British) Fidelity A-1 integrated, one of the sweetest-sounding pieces of equipment they ever made.
Transcendent amp--really nice looking, but are those glass bottles that I see?

Perhaps now that Pass make the 150 INT, Nelson will consider adapting one of his First Watt designs.

And yes--Dan, you're right: I forgot that MF recently came out with a new A1, which I gather is supposed to hark back to the BF A1 of yore.

And then: Jungson anyone?
Have no experience with it myself, but there is the Alternate Audio CA35.

Here is the manufacturer's homepage.

Here is the link to the Audio Musings review.
I don't know for sure it's class A but the Ayre AX-7e is an amazing piece of equipment at a bargain price. Boulder also makes an integrated. I think it's the 865. One just showed up used today but you'd better hurry.
Sorry, all - the Alternate Audio CA-35 that I mentioned in an earlier post is not an integrated amp (it requires a separate preamp, which they also manufacture).

At 50 wpc I'm not sure if it qualifies as "low-powered", but Music Hall makes a class-a integrated, the model is known as the Mambo. Has a built-in 24/96 DAC to boot. Here is a link.
Sorry folks - the Alternate Audio CA35 is not an integrated (it requires a preamp).

At 50 wpc, I'm not sure if it qualifies as "low-powered" but Music Hall makes a class-a integrated amp called the Mambo. Here is a link for more information.
Pass now makes a class A integrated, the INT-30A, based on their XA-30.5.

The Pass INT 30A. Combines XA.5 amps and XP preamp in one box. I've got the larger monos and preamp and have never heard the INT 30A, but it should certainly be on your list. Pass is a great, reliable company.
If you would consider a hybrid, Pathos TT is a great Class A amp. I had a Pass aleph 3 for several years, a great amp I only got rid of because I went integrated,