Lowther speakers

How good are these speakers has anyone ever used them. Thanks
Plenty of reading to do here :

They can be as revealing as an electrostatic but with over 100db sensitivity. There are lot's of applications and lots of diverse opinions. Do a lot of research first.Then try to listen before you decide. If you are stuck and in the US, go with the US Lowther "club". Be wary of Lowthers in bass reflex boxes!

These speakers have a truly fantastic midrange, but in my opinion average everything else. The highs are a bit dull lacking some life and sparkle, while the bass is clean but cannot handle loud or complex music. Nevertheless, these speakers do communicate the meaning and emotion of music in a very special way.
You might want to look into fostex drivers I have used many lowthers and to me fostex makes some drivers that are as good or better for much less cash.YMMV
I used Lowthers DX3 on open bafle on top of my Altec Valencia 416 woofers (horn disconnected)
I did everything to those, I added a tweeter over 10khz first a Fostex FT17h and later a Beyma nice one dont remember the model... It was one of the best systems I had.
I eventually triamped it with passive line level Xovers
I even used an EQ for the bass amp (gainclone!)
It was lively, dynamic resolved, soundstage was never very good I guess it was the open bafle?
Suddenly, after about a year or two, one day I started hearing the whizzers, they never bothered me before, but just like that one day my ears realized they were there and I could not listed to it any longer...its a pitty because I really enjoyed that setup, I still have all the toys laying around somewhere...
I have been on a search since but I think I am getting there now...with better soundstage!!

I went from the Fostex 168sigmas to the Lowther DX3 and then DX4. No comparison ... the Lowthers are far more musical and "correct" sounding. Loads of detail and clarity. I'm running mine with Bottlehead 2A3 Paramounts.
Fostex has better drivers availible than fe168e sig. Which as you found is not as nice as a lowther but I feel fe206esr fe208esig with tweeter or f200a to be equal or better than lowther. But YMMV