LP shelf recommendations?

I'm seeking a storage solution for my 800 or so LPs, preferably wood modules to allow flexibility in design.
(vertical vs horizontal, add-ons, etc.) Other materials
are ok if designs are streamlined. I didn't care for the
Boltz shelf design.
Thank you in advance for your recommendations.
There's an Ikea made bookshelf that some people are using, and I have considered this myself since my custom made racks are currently overrun. I have also been looking at some bookshelfs sold by House of Denmark, who have a local store here in Michigan, and possibly the state you live in. They have a 'starter' line of furniture that's actually pretty nice and fairly attractive that would run around $200-250 for a combo of units that could accommodate your collection and act as decent looking furniture. This seems to be the front runner at the moment, but I'm still looking.
The most convenient storage is "almost on edge" slanting back at an angle of about 30 degrees to the vertical. I built a storage box like this, with multiple sections each holding a group of a couple of dozen records. The sections were larger than needed for the group of records, so you could shuffle through them like a card file to find one to play. I never had any records warp because they were not perfectly on edge. As a matter of fact, I never saw a problem with records in a sloppy horizontal stack, although this is supposed to be the end of the world.
I have 20 Per Madsen oak racks in stacks of 5 w/casters for portability and extra oak tops. The units I own are 17" wide and hold approx. 120 lps. They are easily stackable and are quite presentable as furniture. Shipping from San Fran. - home of Per Madsen Design -is relatively inexpensive as the 17" units are sold unassembled (but are quite simple to assemble). Each 17" unit is $50.00. Each base w/casters and the oak tops are extra. Per Madsen has an excellent web site and they sell more related record and CD storage racks. Very friendly people and quality customer service as well.
Psychicanimal...Believe it or not there are some people who haven't got around to a digital camera yet. Just visualize a "bin". Or a 3X5 card box.
Check out Ikea's bookcase with 13"x13" cells. You can order them different sizes. They're strong as brick to hold upto 1000lBs
iKEa makes a huge bookcase perfect for records, I believe it is called Expedit, they sell for $150 in white or $199 in birch. they hold over 1000 records. I have 2 of them
Pier One sells a ladder-like "knick knack" display unit. I don't have any knicks or knacks, but I have placed five feet of albums on mine. I believe it cost about 120.00. If someone tells me how to post photos on the forum I will post a picture.
That's exactly what I've ment and mine holds near 2000 records and I've got a few shelves for books. My favourite vintage DIY encyclopedia unfortunately didn't fit so it stays in the closet:-(
I second member Justlisten's suggestion.
I just bought one "EXPEDIT" unit. When you see it on the website it looks like it wouldn't hold three books and a balalaika without toppling! Don't mind first-impressions, see it in the store.
I put it together by myself so...it's not brain surgery. At capacity, I calculated it could hold ca. 1500 LPs.
It is rock-solid, no swaying or leaning and all 25 cubicles fit regular LPs and boxed sets without scratching the albums (plenty of clearance.) Since the cubicles are 13"x13", there is no warping from weight to the shelves.
The finish is a bit on the glossy side but not obnoxiously-so. I got the white color as it matches perfectly with wall-to-wall bookcases I had made last year.
The best part...it cost me $149. plus tax.
I strongly recommend all LP-hoarders like me to go and have a look at it.
Best wishes.
You are absolutely correct, Marakanetz. Sorry I forgot the other dimension and also didn't notice that you had pointed this out previously.
Are you "Expedit" owners satisfied with the product? (Mine is the one with 25 cubicles.) I've been delighted with the sturdiness, looks and storage space.
Best wishes.
Yep, I'm the happy owner of Expedit 25-cubicals version.
I just regret not buying two 16-cubical versions to my interior and convenience. It's firmly attached to the wall.