LPS Umbilical Cords

They’re important, too.

I have 5 LPS’s in my system.   I replaced each of the cheap umbilical cords that came with the units - with DIY versions made from 20 awg pure OCC copper single strand wire.

I just purchased an older model Auralic Aries streamer that came with its own dedicated low noise LPS – and cheap umbilical cord.  Actually, its umbilical cord appeared to be even more flimsy than any of the others.    Upon inserting the streamer into my rig, I was mightily unimpressed.  Lots of hyper-detail.  Thin.  Zero tone or weight.  

Could the really cheap umbilical cord be the cause?  I DIY’d another made from the same OCC copper single strand wire.  Voila!   Tone, timbre, weight & body.   Like a major component upgrade.  The streamer went from sounding fair to sounding great.     DIY cost of the new umbilical cord - $15.

Now, I’m wondering how it will sound if I replace the cheap $2 connectors with $20 Oyaide connectors.

Everything matters. 


Everything matters.

Amen brother!!

I'm not the least bit surprised by your listening outcome. In addition, substantial sonic improvement is achievable without necessarily requiring high expense as you have demonstrated. It is understanding what changes leads to a quality upgrade.


Spot on. I use OCC solid copper Teflon wire in various locations including the high voltage rails of my preamp.
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+1 Everything matters. 

I’ve experienced huge improvements by building my own umbilicals. The last one I built was to connect the two units of the Aurender N30SA using sixteen 23awg pure silver solid core conductors. While not cost effective. the improvement in the dynamics, clarity and presence after break in was impressive. Aurender got in touch after the fact they acknowledged dissatisfaction with the basic UPOCC umbilical they were including with a $24K unit. For anyone interested, I documented it on What’s Best Forum. Here’s a direct link to the post: