Lumin L1 ethernet cable upgrade

I have a Lumin L1 connected with a generic ethernet cable to my router. Will upgrading the ethernet cable have any advantage in sound with my Lumin T2.


I like a good quality cable but nothing outrageous.  I like silver plated copper for digital.  Audioquest has several options in lots of lengths for silver coated copper.


Short answer…. YES. I had them”usual” STAPLES grade CAT7 thinking that’s as good as it gets . I was not happy . So I upgraded to a CARDAS CLEAR and Avanti Audio Vivace CAT7 Ethernet Cable. 


(1) A clear and unambiguous step,up, in digitsl audio performance for me MOON 280D MIND2 streamer / DAC. ( by SIMAUDIO) 

(2) But don’t limit yourself into thinking this is the sole silver bullet solution.Rather, consider introducing an external power supply (iFi PowerX) to the Ethernet switch too. I was a non-believer and skepric too…until a friend brought over his IFI unit. = immediate step up in bass, slam, and dynamics along with a noise suppression.
who knew?

PS: we did a further bakeoff Belen 2 power supplies: the cheaper iPower2 versus the the upgraded iPowerX The iPowerX was clearly a bettter experience



@akg_ca : +1 Agreed. The Ifi products are a great bang for the buck lineup. I bought one of these for my English Electric 8 switch and the improvement was quite impressive over the standard wal-wart .  iPower Elite by iFi audio - iFi power supply with whisper quiet noise floor. Better than audiophile grade. (  Good listening. Jeff