Lumin Network Music Server?

Just added a Lumin A1 Network Music Server to my exquisite system to replace a Wavelength Crimson DAC which I have had for about 5 years and considered to be among the best. WOW! Anyone else have one?
I have used the Lumin for quite some times now. Got it when it first came out. I sold my EMM Labs TSD1/DAC2 combo immediately speaks for itself.
As a Lumin dealer, all I can say is congratulations to all of you guys who have discovered this amazing product.

It sounds even better is you tweak it up, good power cord, and some excellent emi/rfi suppression products.

The Lumin just outperformed one of my customers DCS Puccini which is a $19k sacd/dac. You really have to spend $15k or so to get anything which is better.

Sorry for the late reply due to the Chinese New Year.

Of course what impressed me is the sound quality. The Lumin apps in iPad did enhance your enjoyment of music too.

Audio oracle,

What tweaks did you find had the most benefit for the Lumin? I've got a Cardas Clear power cord already but what about EMI/RFI and mechanical isolation are you using?
I have an upgraded PSU coming this week from Hong Kong from Kenneth Lau. this is supposed to be a significant upgrade to the sound that is already just amazing. I will get back after giving it a few days to warm up..