Luxman CL38U-SE in the house

Just sold my CJ ET3-SE and phono preamp and picked up a brand new Luxman preamp. Big difference in presentation. The Luxman is more dynamic w/an improvement in rhythm and pace. I enjoyed the CJ for a couple of years but it always seemed to be a bit restrained and a little dark. W/the Luxman the whole system seemed to open up. I like the fact it has bass and treble controls also a mono switch and a balance control. The all tube phono is dead quiet and brings a lot of detail and dynamics to the records. The remote just does volume and mute all the other controls must be done by hand. Also the 1960's look may not be to everyone's liking. This model was built in  Japan and was limited to just 90 units. It only has about 12 hours on it so it will be interesting to see how everything comes together a couple of hundred hours from now. But even during the break in I'm really enjoying the sound.


Luxman may be on radar as well, especially, in Integrated amp form.

Whom is your dealer/retailer?  I want an audition.

Happy Listening!

Audio Video Therapy Nashua NH. I went w/the all tube integrated and it just locked in my whole system. By the way all Luxman products are now made in Japan. Quality is even better. I was a big CJ fan but they are a step above.
I'm sorry, I'm a little confused, all tube preamp or integrated? What amp are you using?

Audio Video Therapy Nashua NH. I went w/ the all tube integrated and it just locked in my whole system. By the way all Luxman products are now made in Japan. Quality is even better. I was a big CJ fan but they are a step above.

The OP means an integrated preamp the CL-38uSE combines linestage and phono. The OP previously had an outboard phono stage. Very cool looking preamp I love the retro look, I bet it sounds amazing I have a fondness for Japanese sound. Happy listening linnlingo!
The CL38U-SE is an all tube preamp. I have it hooked up to a Bryston 2.5 SST2 and a pair of Aerial 5T speakers.

@linnlingo  I'm with you.  I had a CJ solid state amp and the words thick and slow comes to mind. 

One of the first albums I tried was Sanata's Abraxas. I alwas thought the recording was dark and had no pace. When I installed the Luxman the sharp guitar licks were suddenly there. 
Keep me posted- linnlingo
as you massage the pre-amp into your system.
Happy Listening!
J Fant it's breaking in nicely. Horns full and detailed but not edgie. Soundstage is wide going outside the speakers. Piano full and detailed from top to bottom. . Vocals are large and a bit on the warm side. The all tube phono is excellent and very quite. W/an all tube setup it takes about 15 minutes to come into full song. 
How cool. I was just looking at that preamp yesterday. I just bought a Rega P3tt and I noticed that preamp has a real nice phono stage. Might have to bring it home for an audition. Resale value? Enjoy!
Just wondering if you still own this pre? If you sold it; why?  What were long term impressions?
Still have the preamp. It's a keeper. Still as quiet as the day I bought it. The MC phono is very quiet. The phono has four step up transformers. 2 for MC high and 2 for MC low. I've had quite a few tube preamps but this is it for me. The late Art Dudley was a big fan of this preamp. And for a few years it was classified in the Class A section.
I just noticed you’re using the 5T’s, I’m using 7T’s and looking to add a preamp, and interested in trying tubes. Good to see you’re still liking hat you’re hearing 2 years in.
I recently added a JL Audio D-110 to the mix. Brought up the SQ a couple of notches. 
You still have it; that is good to hear. I’ve been a CJ fan for a while but have had better Pre’s as well. I have the MQ88 amp and love it from simple classic look but the sound is excellent. I have taken note of the build quality of the amp and it made me take notice of this pre. 
Currently an SE is up for sale on Audiogon. Won't see many of the SE units available as only 25 units were shipped to the USA. Only 90 made worldwide. The build quality is excellent. I also have the Luxman PD-171AL TT. Beautiful TT.