Luxman d-08u vs berkeley reference 2 dac

Anyone have any experience with the luxman d-08u or berkeley reference dac 2 for cd or digital playback? If you were to choose one, which would you buy and why. Thanks for any insight!
I find the alpha smooth, but it's also a little cool sounding. Not analytical, but the opposite of warm.

I find the Mytek for me a better balance.


FWIW, I recently replaced a Luxman D-05 with a D-08u and it is exceptional. I was surprised at how much more nuanced and detailed (in a good way) it is compared to the D-05. I've heard more than a few iterations of digital playback and short of DCS level gear, I can't imagine wanting more. All the attributes you ascribe to Luxman's sound are what I have experienced. Another plus for me is the Luxman's reliability and build quality. 
photon46, I'm considering the D-06u or D-08u as well and I have something of the opposite concern regarding the Luxman, and that is I'm afraid of it sounding too laid back, "rolled off", McIntosh warm? I haven't heard it in my system yet however working towards an in-home audition soon. Thanks   
“I have the Berkeley alpha 2 and it sounds very musical to me but I do like a very sweet and nonfatiguing sound”.

In reading your response, I believe you may be experiencing fatigue over extended listening sessions. If that’s the case, you could look into dialing down the high frequency detail by trying different cables.

Do you not have an option to audition D-08u before committing to it?

If you prefer, PM me and I can suggest some very high quality but inexpensive cables. Depending on your setup, I may be able to send over couple of cables for you to try it out risk free.