Luxman Integrated?

I recently listened to a Luxman integrated and was quite impressed with the liquidity of the sound of the amp.  Does anyone else have experience with these amps?   I currently have all separates and a tube amp but thinking of scaling down a bit.
I have the L-590AXII, and it is superb!  I've own many integrated amps before, and this is by far the best sounding one.  Awesome built quality and appearance as well.
I have the Luxman E-250 phono amp.  In the few months I have had it I have been listening to vinyl 70% to 30% digital and I have a fine tube SACD player.  The Luxman is built like a tank with great features and an effortless, open, dynamic sound quality!  I love it!😍
I use a Luxman 507ux and have been very happy with it.  Source is mostly a Technics 1200G and the phono stage is very good.  Would love to have a Luxman EQ 500 phono pre though!