Luxman M-10X Stereo vs. Mono or C900U

Anyone with the M10X can quantify the difference in stereo mode vs. monoral  mode? 
I currently have a Lumin T2 which I can use to connect directly to M-10X and use it as a preamp. The speakers are Kef Blade One Meta.  Is it better to put the money toward a second M-10X and run them in mono than getting a proper preamp C900U? 


You want a true mono cartridge that reacts only to horizontal movement in the groove.

Any vertical movement is ignored. There is a surprising amount of vertical movement in true Mono LPs, new or old: small warps, surface scuffs, dust/dirt in the grooves, ...

When I sell Mono LP’s, I let buyers know: playing Mono with a Mono Cartridge: surface scuffs are not that apparent, a musical experience results,

but those surface scuffs (and ...) are definitely louder/detracting when playing using a Stereo cartridge. (even using Mono MODE on your preamp does not quiet it down the same).

I have some very old mono LPs. Playing Stereo Cartridge Preamp in Mono Mode, they were like a history lesson, not enjoyable, wouldn’t play again. Now, with my Mono cartridge, they are enjoyable, I play them for me and my friends.



another day I awake feeling smarter than many, only to have my bubble burst before I reach the coffee pot.

Lol. I ended up buying another M-10X and preordered the C-10X. Using a loaner C-900U with the two M-10X monaural mode.

I did not. I wanted to stay with SS and the C-10X is the natural pairing of M-10X. 

How did you like the mono compared to stereo?  Is it worth it to go mono with the M10x?



“Is it worth it?”  
I guess that depends on your financial situation and how much you like the M-10X in stereo mode. To me, and I listen to a lot of jazzy and blues and some pop, the difference is there. If you come from an M900 to M-10X in stereo, you will immediately notice the low end is more punch. Having two M-10x in monorual kicks it to another level. Depending on the recording and the music, the soundstage is wider and deeper. You get more depth with the M-10X in mono. 
I didn’t run the M-10X in stereo for that long before I got another one. I ran it for about a month and at the time, I also had the 595ASE. After receiving my M-10X, I didn’t use the 595 at all. The M-10X just sounded better all around. The opportunity came up when a local guy had a M-10X new in box so we worked out a trade deal. I like the M-10X enough that I don’t mind having another one for another system down the road and get a preamp for it rather than keeping the 595 integrate. The 595 is great IF you don’t listen to the M-10X back to back at the same time. I’m running a C900U right now while waiting for my C-10X to arrive. If I ever do another system, I might break up the two M-10X and get a used C900U. 
The difference is there in stereo vs. mono. If I have the fund for another one for a second system, I would keep running the mono pair in my main system. However, I also don’t mind to split them up and run them in stereo in two systems. 

Hi thisisme,

You have lived with the C10x for a while. Do you can verbalize the difference vs the C900u? It is am improvement over the old model? I will appreciate your impressions on this new pre. At least, I hear improvements, all around and in the right direction, when I replaced my M900u with the M10x. That was after living with the M900u for 2 years. I just wondering how good the C10x is. Thanks

The 2.5 Ohm minimum impedance is a tough load.  A vertically bi-amped pair of amps may perform best, preventing the bass from sagging the mid/treble.

Hi thisisme,
I really appreciate your time for sharing your thoughts about the C10x. Your description matches with expected results when a preamp design reduce noise and original signal looses. I assume that acoustic instruments also sound more real with better tone, presence and resolution.

My C10x in on it way to my home. I will share my thoughts as well, after some weeks of audition. I have been using the C900u / M10x for more than one year so I will also detect if the system move to the correct direction or not.

Best regards 

Monoblock amplifiers vs a stereo amplifier cannot improve what is upstream.

My limited experience with using a DAC or music streamer as also a preamp is that a separate preamp seems more live than DAC/streamer only.

I run the Luxman C900u.  It is placed in front of the Weiss DAC which previously was used as a DAC/preamp.  The result was a far more dynamic reproduction.

Hope that contributes positively to your search.

Been running DAC as preamp and loving it so far, but not planning on continuing this as is. Can’t say enough great things about the M-10x, I’m just floored at what I’m hearing. Nuanced detail that till now has gone unheard, not just palpable bass, but fully formed and textured bass, and soundstage width and depth that makes my bookshelves sound damn near as good as my floor standers. Wow! Happy I got this and looking forward to all it’s pairings. Definitely top three pieces of gear that made my jaw drop (personally in house), could very well be #1, but giving it time.

Just T+A DAC200, WiiM Pro and B&W 706s3... Just getting lost in it.

Hi All,

Just to give an update on the ordered Luxman C10x and my personal opinion. I received the new C10x 4 days ago so it have around 100 hrs of continuous use. To be honest, I was expecting an small improvement over the C900u but like thisisme said, I was wrong too. The improvement over the old preamplifier can be easily hear. Improvement can be summed up as much more resolution and dynamics. Therefore, it added better bass resolution/impact, better high frequency resolution, better instruments and voices resonance. Is like connecting my Vivaldi Apex dac directly to the M10x but with a good touches of organic and reality.

I am planning to move up in Wilson Audion speakers series so definitely I also seeing a second M10x in a near future even if it could add 5 to 10% improvements by running them in mono configuration.