Luxman M900U Paired with VAC Signature MKIIa SE

I am currently running my VAC pre with VAC Phi 200s into DeVore Gibbon Xs and in general very pleased.  My system as it currently stands gives me a very nice organic, dynamic and slightly warm sound which works very well for me, especially with some of the less than stellar recorded Classic rock albums I like to listen to.  However, I do have my share of more audiophile level albums in multiple genres that I enjoy,  and feel that I would like to hear them with more refinement, tighter bass and more detail/air.

I am not interested in a wholesale system replacement; I am thinking about keeping one of the VAC Phi 200s and running it in stereo to essentially keep my current system intact; and then pursue a more refined stereo amp to play my more audiophile level recordings.  My VAC pre has multiple outputs, so I could switch to either amp.  All this being said, the Luxman M900U is one amp I am considering; I understand it is recommended to pair this amp with their C900 to get optimal performance; is it still worth pursuing the M900U in my situation?


My experience with the Luxman M900U is that system matching is important.  I paired it with Focal Utopia Evo and man was it harsh and sterile sounding and I had the lampizator pacific dac and Conrad Johnson GAT2 preamp.  No Bueno.  Now its a different story with the Magico M2 and Nagra tube Dac.  Musical, Resolving, organic.  Only thing lacking is the bass control and speed/slam.  And Im told to wait for the new flagship M10X with double the capacitance; my dealer tells me big improvement.  Hope that helps.