Mac Mini 2011 with Lion or 2010 with Snow Leopard

I know there have been threads that sort of touch on this but not exactly as far as I can tell. I found a response from Darrell from Mach2Music on a previous thread that stated

"1) 2011 Mac Mini > 2010 Mac Mini
2) Stock Snow Leopard > Stock Lion"

So it sounds like the best option would be a 2011 mini with snow leopard. However, as far as I know you can only put snow leopard on a 2011 Mini if you already have a mac. I don't have access to another mac so I am wondering given the choice between a refurbished 2011 mac mini with lion or a refurbished 2010 mac mini with snow leopard which would people suggest I purchase.

As always thanks for the help.
I'm interested in this question too. About to purchase a new mac mini. Let me know what you find out. Sorry I have nothing to add to the discussion.

Thanks, Peter
Two things. If you do not utilize a DAC that requires integer mode to sound its best, i dont believe the OS is materially different performance wise. Some have claimed that Lion sounds better....i cant hear a difference but they are in different systems. The older Mac mini though isolates its USB ports whereas the new one does not, they are shared ports. Again, picking nits here. I have both an older mini in my main rig and a new mini running Lion in my office. They both work great with Pure Music, just no integer mode with Lion.
Thanks Ghasley I can get the 2010 refurbished for $469 and the 2011 refurbished for $519. Right now I am just using the DAC in my NAD T747, until I can afford a stand alone DAC. Just wondering which would make the most sense to purchase.
I also am wondering how important is it that the usb ports are shared in the new model. From other forums it seemed as if people thought this was an issue. However, it seems like people are reporting that itunes sounds good in 2011, so maybe its not an issue?
Jkontuly, I'll give you my 2 cents although either choice is a good one. Research the DAC you might want to use to determine if it is integer mode capable. If it is, get the 2010, if it is not, get the 2011. There are those out there who are certain they hear a difference between the 2010 and a 2011 but I believe it is not a material difference. Get Pure Music and enjoy. My DAC utilizes integer mode and I CAN tell the difference.

Whatever you do though, get more ram....4 gig or 8 gig is better. Playing from memory is always an advantage so you can load the songs into ram rather than reading from disk. I also utilize firewire external disk drives. spend some time searching the archives at computer , you will learn a lot. You are on the right track and good luck.
Hmmmm - I don't know what DAC I'll ultimately use. I may also use an off-ramp. Has anyone done the research and can say which popular DACs use and don't use the integer mode (including the offramp).
I just realized that the 2011 mac mini doesn't have an optical drive. How do people intend to rip CD's with it????
External superdrive about $60 bucks. If you are unconcerned about integer mode, get the 2011. Disconnect the external drive when not in use....
so it turns out some of the dacs i am interested in are interger capable. however, i think that i read that some people were experiencing better or as good sound from 2011 macs despite the fact that the 2011 macs are not integer capable. Ghasley have you A/B your systems as you have both? btw Happy Thanksging to everyone
I have not had the 2011 mac mini in my main rig so i cant give you a side side comparison. Sorry.
Between the Lion and the Snow Leopard on the same spec machine which is a macbook PRO, same amarra version, same dac, same cabling, same songs, here is my observation:

The Snow Leopard is more lively, more detailed sounding, sometimes a bit more agressive.
The Lion on the other hand is more refine, fuller sounding and robust sounding. More relax sounding.
from what i hear is that the newer 2011 mac mini produces less jitter than prior models. if this is true, this is incentive alone to make the witch. also, you don't need to buy an external cd/dvd drive, you can use remote disk to share a device from another mac.