OSX SNOW LEOPARD - Improvement to iTunes

Nothing that I could find in the ads about OSX Snow Leopard refer to any improvements to iTunes. Have you downloaded Snow Leopard and seen an improvement in your music system? Snow Leopard has a 64 bit capability so perhaps this would be a musical benefit????
I think "Snow" does have an improvement. I've compared Macs/iTunes with "Tiger" vs. "Snow", and Snow tends to consistently have better sound quality. It's usually subtle, but on some systems, in can be obvious.

As for 64 bit, I'm undecided. I've heard some subtle difference with some systems and others have confirmed similar experience, but I can't come to a conclusion.

The only thing that I do feel comfortable recommending is at least 4GB of RAM and an SSD (solid state drive). These options improve the performance and responsiveness on the Mac, and (I feel) improve the sound quality. There is no evidence to fully support that an SSD drive should effect sound quality, but after years of listening to Macs with SSDs, I think they have an advantage.
Ballan: So you downloaded Snow and discerned an improvement? I don't want to make the change for improvements that are never used in my Mac (it is only for iTunes and Safari). Wonder why Apple doesn't "brag" about an improvement to iTunes????
@Puerto: Yes, I have noticed improved sound quality with Macs using Snow Leopard. I do not understand why, and it doesn't seem to work with all systems. If you upgrade, let me know your experience. I'm always wanting to know what other people think.

As for Apple NOT "bragging" about improved performance, that is par for the course. Apple completely rewrote Snow from the ground up, and there are several improvements that can be found throughout the OS, but Apple only touches on items that people will notice the most. Subtle sound quality differences are not important to anyone except "audiophiles" and professionals, so Apple doesn't make a big deal about it. I do know people in the professional AV studio market that openly talk about the differences, so others do notice it. I know that some USB and FireWire interfaces work and sound better with Snow, but again, these are subtle and only noticeable with certain applications.

Please keep me posted. I use this forum to learn about new and better solutions. I don't have all the answers, but I try my best to have the right questions.
Thank you for your response Ballan - if I upgrade to Snow Leopard I will definitely post my thoughts regarding improvements - or lack thereof.
ITunes is improved separately.
I have 9.2.1 and may need yet another 'upgrade'.
Another thread has responses on this topic as well...


:) listening,

Has anyone tried an SSD drive in a Mac Mini?

Has anyone tried exchanging a computer switching power supply in a Mac or a PC for a linear power supply?
I fit SSDs into Mac Minis all the time. Improves the performance of the Mac and subtly improves sound quality. The new unibody Mac Mini can be upgraded fairly easy.

I have listened to some power supply options for the Mini, but I'm undecided about any performance improvements. At this time, I do not use or recommend external power supplies.