Mac Mini Monitor/Keyboard/mouse

Can I set up a Mac Mini Never using a monitor keyboard and mouse?
I want to use my ipad only

Never? I doubt it. I use my Mac Mini with a wireless mouse, the small Apple USB keyboard and hook a monitor up once a month or so to check for updates. The wireless mouse is unobtrusive as is the keyboard when tucked away. I use my ipod touch as a remote and it works very well.
I needed a keyboard, mouse & monitor to set-up the Mac Mini. Once the MM was set-up and it was wirelessly sharing the screen with my Mac Air the peripherals were removed. Over the last few years I've needed to reconnect them twice. Once for an operating system upgrade and another due to operator error.
You can use VPN to control the mini remotely, but you will need to have keyboard and mouse initially to setup the protocol.

Steve N.
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I just went through this, so I think I can help.
To begin, you need to set up screen sharing on the mini. It can be done with an HDMI to a tv if you have one. But you will still need a keyboard and a mouse. Once it's set up, you have to have the mini open iTunes, or whatever music server program you are using, upon startup. This is done
in the users section. After that you need a screen sharing app for your iPad. I have tried two - Desktop, and itap. They both have some glitches, but you can get done what you need to. Once it's up and running, I use the Apple remote app to play music. That works really well.
Hope this helps.
Thanks to all that have responded
I ended up hooking it to my tv and downloaded Splashtop, glitchy is an understatement,
I might try others as suggested, but I think I will get a small cheap monitor as well
Thanks Again
Hi Abruce,
I think this can be accomplished much more easily then most people think. Assuming you have a wireless network in your home, and want to control your iTunes library on your Mac Mini, or any other Mac computer for that matter, from your iPad, download the Apple "Remote" app onto your iPad. Launch iTunes on your Mac Mini (you'll obviously need it connected to a monitor for this step) and click on the iPad device in the left side bar. When you launch the REMOTE app on your iPad it will ask you for the 4 digit code that's on your screen. Just enter it and presto, your iPad now controls your iTunes library on your Mac Mini. It's really very easy. If you keep the Mac Mini / iTunes always running, you should not need an external monitor or the need for a VNC connection. Works just fine for me.