Mach2Music modified Mac Mini

A couple years back, I purchased a Mach2Music music server from this company. It has been a great performer and has been every bit as advertised. Yesterday the hard drive in the unit crashed. Mach2Music is now out of business so I'm not sure how to fix it with any possibility of retaining the mod's that this company installed. Has anyone been able to contact these guys??
I don't know if anyone works on Mach2Music servers, but if your hard drive crashed you can try to find someone who does computer repair and see if they can recover the data on the crashed hard drive and transfer it to a new hard drive.

Are you running a stock power cord to your Mach2music? I was running a Synergistic Research cord through an adapter to the unit and I'm wondering if that might have been part of the problem
I could be wrong but a friend with the Mach2Music had the original HDD that shipped with the Mini returned to him. It contained a "fresh" image of the original SSD OS intall, with the tweaks M2M had included.

So if the SSD is down, you can just get a new SSD and reimage it with the HDD you have and you would get a pristine M2M machine.

You do need to copy back your iTunes library though so if you don't have a back up of that, there's not much we can do.
Try Dave of PI Audio Group. If i am remembering correctly, he may have known them and possibly knows how to contact them. If so, maybe they will be willing to help you get your machine back to their spec.

You were exactly right! I finally located the original HDD that was shipped with the unit and was able to reinstall everything from the Mach2Music provider. Thanks for reminding me.