Madeline Peyroux/dreamland

I just received the Madeline Peyroux CD "Dreamland" and cannot believe what a hack job was done recording her voice. This is a 1996 release and she clips and distorts on every track. Thats just ridiculous for a modern release and HDCD no less.

Funny, I got that CD back in 96 when it came out and I don't remember it being that way. I also don't recall it being HDCD though. I'll have to take another listen as I have not listened to it lately because I "overplayed" it back then. Her new CD is fantastic! I saw her perform in 97'. Pretty amazing as she was just a kid back then. She also had a very shy stage demeanor. She shuffled on the stage all frumpy and awkward. This is at Jazz Alley here in Seattle which is a pretty intimate dinner venue. She was noticeably not comfortable being on stage, but as soon as she started singing all that discomfort disappeared and this amazing deep molasses voice came out of this tiny awkward teenager...just amazing. She aced the first set and left to a standing ovation. We stayed for the second set which was a whole other story. Apparently she'd been fighting off a cold. In spite of a valiant effort to continue she had to cut the set short after three songs because her voice kept braking. I'd still go see her sing in a heartbeat. Perhaps her stage presence has changed since she was that young. It wouldn't really matter to me since, judging by her new CD, the voice is just as wonderful!

Both CDs are great, and I feel that "Dreamland" has slightly better sound. I agree with Marco and Gaudio_eek.

I have Dreamland and her new one, as well. Rummy, we must be listening to different cds. Her first one was a very good recording. Not pristine, but quite good. Intimate and pretty natural. Careless Love, (the performance/voice) is fabulous, but the recording is compressed and lower in quality to Dreamland. Maybe your Dreamland was a funky one. hey, whatever floats your boat. I would love to hear Careless Love rerecorded and opened up a bit, sound wise...peace, warren
I think madeleine is terrific. i'm so disapointed with the CD quality though. I am listening to an Atlantic recording "dreamland" CD/HDCD and the # is 0-7567-82946-24. 1996. Whoever mastered and mixed this should be ashamed. In fact its on the liner notes...Michael O'Reilly what a dunce.
Consider Dreamland one of my better recordings. She is amazing, regardless, and I do not doubt for a moment that any person would find even this recording to fall a bit short of doing her full justice.
Rummy, give us the scoop on your system. See what a simple little post about a simple little cd can do? Might cost you thousands to hear Dreamland the way we all hear it. Then again, might be a very inexpensive thing. Got to be careful on the 'gon. Any post can cost us. It's the nature of this audiophoolish hobby. I've been there, done that myself. peace, warren
My Dreamland HDCD Atlantic 82946 2 has remarkably good sound. The back of the jewel box has the raised Warner W logo. Perhaps you have the unlimited Shanghai edition?
Perhaps it is my system.
Try track 6 "always a use" around 1:50-2:20 when she hits the high notes...seems distorterd to me.

Current system is
wadia 861
proceed amp
B&W N802
synergistic research Ref cabling

thx andy
Her fast attack, long E vocalizations on some of the lyrics to Always a Use does sound a little hot or harsh over my setup. Nonetheless I'd more likely blame the rig for harmonic distortion than fault the production. I'm certain a notch better preamp would knock it right out clearly without annoyance.
I'll have a new amp/speaker combo shortly and hopefully that will fix the problem. I would not of imagined my system could introduce that much distortion

thx andy
Nah, it's not your stereo, it's probably the miking on that particular song that you don't like. Miking? Female voice? Not done well, as a rule. I love the album, but that's one song I'd can, if I were the producer.