Maestro AC outlet

I recently changed to a Maestro AC outlet and the sonic improvement was just astounding. What are your experiences with the Maestro or other AC outlets?
I just replaced my old stock outlet with the Maestro. I wonder where I can buy receptacles for the Maestro.
Don't forget the maestro faceplates.

The improvement is astounding.

Also highly recommended are the special reference grade screws for the faceplates.

Will take your system to another level.

If you're already at the highest level, a treat awaits you.
The faceplates are a bit pricey. Audiofeil, was the improvement significant before and after installing the faceplate? How could a faceplate improve further the sound?
The question is: is Audiofeil being facetious?
My suspicion is that he is, so don't expect a serious answer!
Frequently entertaining "Modus aperandi"
Audiofeil's post made me smile. That was a good one. "Special reference grade screws for the face plates." Audiofeil should go further and add on what makes the screws special reference grade. Something along the lines of: The screws are made of the most finest materials that go through a special cryo treatment etc etc. ;)