Maestro AC outlet

I recently changed to a Maestro AC outlet and the sonic improvement was just astounding. What are your experiences with the Maestro or other AC outlets?
have done extensive AB w/ the maestro vs the R1, which beat other oyaides (easily), furutechs, isocleans, hubbells, and a few others i cannot mention.

the R1 is more forward and dynamic, touch better bass, but the maestro has better detail and midrange / treble resolution, very balanced, great outlet. i've ended up relying on maestros for front end gear, R1 for amps.

maestro is a great outlet. needs about a week to break in.
I made 4 changes to my system over the past 6 months and the sonics have become more refined, better separation of instruments, more focused instruments, better high end resolution, slightly more bass. I purchased a Maestro outlet, purchased new cables, switched the power cord running to my regenerator, and all components are connected to the regenerator now. My speakers sound the best they ever have. I think the Maestro contributed to the improvement. I'm not certain how much.
if u installed the $79.00 maestro outlet yourself? Then u must hear a difference.
Hi 50jess

What outlets did you replace the Maestro Outlet with? What other outlets do you have experience with? I'm just curious. For me I just had old Leviton outlets that I replaced with Porter Ports in one system and in another with older PS Audio Power Ports that were Hubbell based. The build quality of both outlets were much more superior to the Leviton outlets I had in place previously. I wonder if the SQ improvements were due to the build quality and the quality of the materials used in these outlets vs the cheaper outlets.
I just replaced my old stock outlet with the Maestro. I wonder where I can buy receptacles for the Maestro.
Don't forget the maestro faceplates.

The improvement is astounding.

Also highly recommended are the special reference grade screws for the faceplates.

Will take your system to another level.

If you're already at the highest level, a treat awaits you.
The faceplates are a bit pricey. Audiofeil, was the improvement significant before and after installing the faceplate? How could a faceplate improve further the sound?
The question is: is Audiofeil being facetious?
My suspicion is that he is, so don't expect a serious answer!
Frequently entertaining "Modus aperandi"
Audiofeil's post made me smile. That was a good one. "Special reference grade screws for the face plates." Audiofeil should go further and add on what makes the screws special reference grade. Something along the lines of: The screws are made of the most finest materials that go through a special cryo treatment etc etc. ;)

What I love most about your post is many here are not quite sure if you are taking the p#ss or not.

I wonder if an industry like the space industry or aeronautical industry suffers such miss information? I put cryo'd silver on the booster rocket & found we gained extra height. Lift off was also a little more dynamic due to the platform being raised on our newly developed carbon fibre cones. The titanium ones were rubbish & caused a veering to left each time.
Is the Maestro receptacle rated for 20A (appears to be a slimline 15A)? I personally prefer widebody 20A receptacles for their lower internal resistance.
Go for the 50A model.

You certainly don't want internal resistance of a duplex affecting the sonics.

Surround it with audiophile wallpaper for maximum damping.
audiofeils comments consistently demonstrate how closed minded he is about the finer nuances of audio, or that he's deaf. i just dont know if its both (though catch him about politics and hes certainly closed minded).

the maestro is the best outlet i've heard. highly highly recommended.
Do you own stock in this outfit?

I have no doubt that these outlets are quite good because I've read some enthusiastic reports on them. I get annoyed by those who claim they are the "best" outlets being made, although that may be correct for some users, I don't know.

But we should all know these things are system dependent. Also, to state that they are the "best" presupposes that the claimant has tried all outlets that are available, which I seriously doubt.

BTW: Audiophile wallpaper is very hard to come by these days!

Do try the audiophile wallpaper. It's like a wall of sound.

These kind of tweaks are all great & fun. I personally have various flavors of oyaide wall sockets. I have tried quite a few others.

I think what can be tedious is the idea that a system will be transformed by a face plate!

I have in my audiophile experience heard all sorts of changes in balance with obvious tweaks & then some even stranger tweaks. See PWBelt tweaks, or devices like acoustic revives RR77. I witnessed very strange effects that make changing an electric socket & faceplate look like making a cup of tea. Maybe I should start a thread about some of them.

But I would suggest at this point just turn the system off for a week or two & try to avoid the auidiophile sickness. Come back, give it all a clean & start listening again. If it still sounds boring, bad or average... face up to getting better or at least different gear!

There are too many confused audiophiles with systems that just are not good at making music for whatever reason. These tweaks will not fix their issues.

But if you are changing sockets etc out of sonic familiarity, probably best to buy some new music.

Anyone have the specs for this maestro outlet? The website doesn't discussed specifications.

Very strange, other outlets give you some specifications detail.

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