Magico S1 owners - speaker cable suggestions

I am inquiring of Magico S1 owners what speaker cables you are using with your speakers. I am looking to purchase a pair. My amp is a Modwright KWA150. Thanks in advance.
I do not own Magicos but I have heard them a few times under show conditions displayed by Scott Walker Audio and Synergistic Research and they sounded great. Quite a feat at shows. Scott is a real good guy and I would talk to him about cables. He is a Magico dealer.
I own Magico S5's and use Jorma Prime cables in my system which sound
smooth, natural/organic, harmonically rich and overall neutral in tonal
balance. The Primes also have a touch of warmth. Jorma Unity or Origo
would be a good match with your KWA-150 & S1's. Origo is better than
Unity & more neutral. Unity sounds a bit warmer, but has a bit less
resolution and coherency. Jorma is also good value imho. Siltech Royal Sig
series also has excellent synergy with Magico. By way of comparison I
would say Prime sounds a bit more 'delicate' than Siltech Royal Sig (which
has more pronounced bass). Which cables are best would be a matter of
taste, room considerations & budget.
I'll second the gZero6!

I took a pair of gZero2's to a friends house - he has the Magico V2's driven by an Ayre pre+power and they were very very good.

Provided excellent control, smooth highs and fuller, deeper bass than the $$$Cardas cables he had.

I then purchased the gZero6's, which are significantly better across the board than the gZero2's, with deeper and better controlled bass, smoother highs, better imaging, much clearer details and lots more punch. They would be an even better match.

They are also very low capacitance, so they will work with pretty much any amp and speaker with an impedance greater than 3 ohm (see the KLEI website for details).

The new Tara Labs Evolution Zero interconnect and new Evolution Omega speaker cables would be a revalation in whats possible with sound reproduction.
Thanks everyone for your responses. I ended up with the Synergistic Research Element Tungstens in my system. Ridiculously low noise floor compared to my previous cables - Acoustic Zen Holograms - no slouch by the way. Still breaking in the speakers and cables.
Nice choice Imaginett on the SR Element Tungsten cables. Magico were using Synergistic cables at CES this year. I will have to check those out. And yes they would be a big upgrade from your old Holigrams. I'm enjoying the natural/organic sound of Jorma Prime with Vitus and Magico, but it's matter of personal taste.