Magnepan 3.6 ship to overseas

I am thinking of importing / shipping a Magnepan 3.6 from USA to Hong Kong. Is that wise to do so because of the possible shipping cost and damage it may involved? Even though orginial box avaliable.
The original boxes Maggies ship in are absolutely inadequate for shipping anywhere. They are meant to be strapped to a pallet with a bunch of other companion products for safe passage. Like the MacDad says, you'd better have good quality wooden crates made or you'll be likely to have serious heartache when they arrive.
My 1.6's came Double Boxed. I discarded the outer box.

That being said, have some bulletproof crates made to contain the boxes.
I took shipment of 3.6 from the factory, years ago. In addition to the cardboard box, they used metal straps to attach it to a customer-sized pallet and sent it special freight. This shipment was to remedy the original 3.6 that someone shipped to me in just the original boxes. They were d-e-s-t-r-o-y-e-d.

DO NOT EVEN THINK of shipping this speaker even next door without some sort of pallet. You achieve the same results much quicker by standing at the window and throwing money out of it. Flushing down toilet also works.