Buying from overseas.

Thinking about buying some speakers from overseas. US from Germany. Wondering what to look out for. Price seems too good to be true. 
 About a year ago, I bought expensive, used speakers through the eBay international site. The payment was with PayPal. I had communication with the seller  prior to the sale. This was in the way of a cell phone call. The speakers ended up getting to me but it was certainly not as easy as buying on Amazon, or audiogon for that matter.

I did have to have a woofer replaced approximately four months later. The manufacturer told me that the speaker had been driven beyond its tolerance.  I have no idea if the seller knew of such prior to the sale.  If I remember correctly, he was selling it on consignment for a customer. I did not try contact him regarding such. I felt it was too late after the sale. I did not notice anything amiss on reception. But I really didn't go over it with a fine-tooth comb either. So take that for what it is worth. I paid about 50% of retail cost. 
The things you will need to look out for include:  an exact estimate of shipping, and how to get through customs. I was quite surprised when the shipping company called me and asked who my custom's agent was. At that point I had to do a lot of research quickly and I ended up being my own customs agent.  That entailed a visit to the airport, and to customs there. Once customs had released the speakers, the  shipping company was able to bring them to my home. You will also need to verify if any tax will be added (vats). As I understand, this can be hit or miss. 

 All in all would I do it again?  I probably would. I really wanted these speakers, and they weren't available in the United States at the time. But it can be somewhat of a hassle. 
If the price seems too good to be true.... Then it probably is....full stop.

Without prejudice to the above,

- I would only buy foreign kit from a registered dealer. Or at market price (no too-good-to-be
-true offerings here) from a private seller with a lengthy stellar feedback track record posted on a reputable auction site ( say EBay or Pink Fish Audio or the like ). For all the good reasons already espoused, the risks and likelihood of scams are huge.

- If you do elect to buy from overseas, the freight charges, and import duty charges and the added customs clearing brokerage fees will add a big BIG chunk to your all-in- price.

- proper packing and handling care to avoid damage during shipment ? Using reputable freight carriers is expensive but well worth it .... Full stop again, but you would be nuts to chintz it on electronics and speakers.

- Warranties are provided only by the local distributor where they were first shipped. After you bring them in from overseas, you are on your own and forget about making any claim against your US distributor.

- This hobby is ripe with fake POS knockoffs provided by crap made-in-China offerings. How lucky to do you feel?

your takeaway: Caveat Emptor personified.
They're not in Germany. They're in Nigeria or Benin or Cameroon... 
I want to buy BMW and travel to Germany for it to be customized the way I want. The BMW reimburses the trip and hotel.
Some of those speakers built in Germany similar to MBL can do same.

sorry couldn't hold myself...-:)

if you're  buying from an authorized dealer you should be fine, some products are cheaper in Europe.
However consider that there would probably be no US warranties...
buying used? Don't even bother...

You should watch out for buying speakers from overseas at a price lower than market, unless you are going to fly over there and pick them up when you pay for them. Otherwise don't buy them.
Thank you for all your responses, and advice. The first thing this guy did was direct me off site by private e-mail. After reading your posts, I contacted him again, and said all communication would remain onsite, and that I was leary. I asked him to give me a call so I could see what kind of music we might have in common, so he could play a song, and take a video of the speakers, and himself, and post to U-tube, or send directly to my phone. I also told him that I would not be scammed, and that after receiving the video, I would send money only though Pay pal to a verified account, and address. I have not heard back from him in almost 24 hrs! A pair os Sonus Faber Stradavis at $8k kinda had my suspicions up to begin with. Although, I did just miss a pair a few hrs from me for 10k a week ago. I sent the guy a message about them, and an hour later they were SOLD! Didn’t last 8 hrs! Thank you all again!
which site in Germany?
When I listed Dynaudio c1 on  and later on ,week later just searching for other dynaudio speakers on other sites I found that scammer was selling my speakers with pictures of my speakers for 1500euros(my price was 2499euros).Later I found out that person had bank account in UK.
It was on Audio Mart, and came up as an American listing. That was the only reason I responded in the first place.  Then when I started asking the right questions, He stopped replying.