Magnepan 3.7i/3.6 owners- Free prototype development

Would like to dialog with a few owners of the 3.7/3.6 who might want to be a part of the R&D of an all new Magna Riser "Magna Trac" stand that uses all new geometry unlike anything on the market. It may have stealthy tall vertical rear supports that are almost invisible and the inclusion of optional "decouplers" based upon about a years worth of testing. It offers a sleek stylish look. Magna Risers are cost effective high performance limited edition stands that have undergone dozens of prototypes, extensive R&D and hundreds of hours of comparative listening sessions. The goal is to allow your Maggie to more fully realize their inherent potential. With hundreds in satisfied customers homes we are looking to apply what we have learned in our 1.7 series designs to the 3.7i series. If you are possibly interested in being part of the development process please let me know. I would prefer to only work with owners here in the US and preferably near the Northeast Ohio area where tweaks and adjustments can be easily made. This is all no cost. Details about what is entailed for any interested party are available. We may also be simultaneously testing our Magna Lifts and another easy to install modification for the original stands for those who are interested in sonic upgrades but want to keep their current factory stands. Again this would be at no charge.
Better than the Mye stands? Cheaper? Any plans for the old 3-panel Tympanis?
Mye stands are well accepted by owners. I think there are many paths to audio nirvana - if someone has their heart set on a certain brand I think that's what they should buy. I would never tell anyone that Magna Risers are the "best" or "only" Magnepan aftermarket stands anyone should own. Our goal is to offer cost effective designs that are musically engaging that allow your speaker to more fully realize their inherent potential. They are exhaustively tested and this model will be the result of more than two years of prototyping and countless hours of comparative listening. In the end our designs offer an affordable alternative that offers high levels of performance and sonic gains. They are targeted to sell for 1/2 of the Mye and possibly even less.
Re: The larger Tympani series....yes a similar design profile can be adapted for the larger multi panel models at a very affordable price. 

Well, I like your attitude at least! A website with pics would be great---any plans for that yet?
I have considered a web site but have been posting on our Magna Riser Facebook site which has lots of pictures. The website takes a little time to set up correctly and we are back ordered on some models ( our Designer Series oval base 1.7 stand is now a three month wait and we have a list of people waiting for our other models so there is little time for website building. We have sets of Magna Risers around the globe-all sold on a money back basis and none of the designs we are making have been returned. We do an incredible amount of testing and prototyping. In the end many designs fall short sonically...even the great looking ones do not see the open market because they just don't offer enough of that elusive sonic magic that helps owners emotionally connect with the music. We could sell those stylish but average sounding designs and-they did offer some sonic improvements,  but we want to only offer models that we ourselves would be happy to live with in our own systems. Still down the road we may look to a website.
Thank you for your interest in Magna Risers 3.7 series stands. We have completed in field tests after numerous prototypes were tested and listened to in extended comparative sessions. We are in our fourth production run of 3.7 stands and they have garnered great reviews from owners around the world.

Was just at the local dealer I am a former maggie owner was checking out new models and honestly no way I could own a pair they rock so poorly on the weak stands. I had a pair of 1.7 last and was so worried about dogs kids life wind knocking them over I pulled out in room for ea listen and returned to safer location after. 

I am in AZ.  I own the 3.7i and am wondering if I can participate in your study?
Rob here from Magna Risers. Thanks for your inquiry. We field tested our stands in various systems and have been selling our two different 3.7- three series stands for about a year. We have dozens in owners homes and all are sold on a money back basis. None have been returned. If you know of anyone with a 20.7 oval we are continuing development on the 20.7 and 30.7 series stands.  Sincerely, 
Rob- Magna Riser