Maker Audio NL14 and NL14+...

I would be grateful to hear any listening impressions from those of you who will be lucky enough to hear the NL14+ amps at CES or who have heard them previously. In particular if you already own an NL 10.1 or NL 12.1 and hear the 14s and are thinking of upgrading, please let me know as well. Thank you!
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Hi Zephyr, I am the very happy owner of 2 NL14+ monoblocks amplifiers purchased directly from Maker Audio. They are stunning amps!!! They are just the best amps I've ever heard in my life. Tom Maker the designer told me that he compares directly the NL14+ to the Edge Signature One.2 monoblocks at just slightly less than $40k less than the current Sig one.2 retail!!! The NL14+ have many improvements compared to the old NL designs, much more capacitance (272 000 uf), more efficiency transformers, a line conditioner built into the 2 chassis, laser bias upgraded too, transformers are 4X1250 VA, 2500 VA by block! Power provides 2 X 325 W under 8 Ohms! All the improvements provides much more control than before and I can tell you the NL14+ couple amps outperforms all the amps I have already listened in my life included the NL12.1 and many others much more expensive audio amplifiers. Every music moment with these amps is a musical magic moment. I can hear so much things never heard before.... The improvement in my audio system with the NL14+ is such that I think I have change my Eggleston Rosa loudspeakers!!!!And they are so musicals!!!I can hear each instrument from a jazz or rock or classical music band without any stress or confusion, all is open, relax and dynamic if the signal needs to....
With the NL14+, I can also hear very easily each note from beginning to end and I can better understand where the musicians wants us to go with them. Whaoo!!!, the bandwidth seems to be infinite with the NL14+, the bass extension and control are stunning, the medium and treble are just so beautiful,true and precise....At their price $12500, I think they are a amazing opportunity to get exceptionnal high end amps! My opinion is that the NL14+ are my definitive amps!!!
Hope this helps you.

Greetings...thank you for all the feedback and the comparison to the NL 12.1 (I have owned 2 and still have one of them...). I heard the same things from Tom and could feel that the NL 14+ are a definite improvement over amps that I am already very familiar with (the Signature monos). He also makes an NL 14 stereo amp version which is comparable from what I've heard. I am planning on trying the NL14+ version later this year and may (depending upon finances, space available, matching powercords, etc...) wind up with at least the NL14 and hopefully the NL14+.

If your are planning on staying with EW speakers, have you heard the Andra IIIs or the Savoy? They are tremendous speakers. If not, what are you considering for your next speaker? Given what the NLs are capable off, you have many choices for dynamic, musical and involving speakers.

Thanks again for all the feedback!
Hello, I am planning on staying with my EW Rosa speakers for at least one or two years but perhaps after going on the Andra III.... A friend of mine has the Andra III and I confirm they are really tremendous speakers whithout any doubt, but for the Savoy model I think my current living room is unfortunetly too little for this model...
I hope you will arrive to finance the NL14+, you will be happy for many years with these new fabulous amps designs from Tom!!!
Best regards
Thank you again for all the feedback....I look forward to any more reports as your amps burn in and mature even further!
Thanks again Manodyo for the detailed feedback. As some more time has passed and they are surely well broken in by now, can you let me know what you are hearing in more detail?
Thanks! I am getting closer to a decision to move up from NL 12.1 and I'd appreciate any more recent impressions that you have...
I'm still running my NL 12.1 (very happily); the upgrade to the 14+ has not happened yet unfortunately.
Glory: Let us know how they sound! Did you pick up that pair that was advertised here on the 'gon? If so, the prior owner is a great guy; talked to him several times but could not pull the trigger; I'd say you got a great deal in that case on a fantastic pair of amps!
Glory: Good Day! Did you ever receive the Maker NL14+ monoblocks and get them broken in? How do they sound
Why don't you message him? Much better chance of receiving a response that way.
I did and will try again; sometimes life, work, etc...take us away from forum activity so hopefully, he will eventually respond. BTW,...very nice system you have posted! were so RIGHT about what the NL14 line brings to the table!!! Just put a new NL14 Stereo amp in place of my tried and true Edge NL12.1 stereo amp. Maker has definitely raised the bar with the organic and musical attributes that the NL14 brings 'cold' right out of the box. I cannot wait to hear what this amp is capable of with 500-1000 hours on it. Soundstage density, depth and refinement have taken a big leap forward over and above the already impressive NL12.1. Packing the NL12.1 was like saying goodbye to an old and trusted friend however, based upon what i heard within 15 minutes of powering up the NL14, I will miss the NL12.1 but will not be looking back....NL14, first in North America from what I'm told. More people should hear this amp!!!

Virtual system pics are updated.....
Good move 24069. I find it hard to believe I got my 14+ for the price I paid from Tom. Best $$$ I have ever spent on audio. Let us know how it goes when they settle in.
Had some of the big guns out yesterday+today as the Maker NL14 crosses 200 hours of break-in with amazing results...cannot wait to hear what this amp does after 500 hours or so. A very varied program of demanding break-in material;

Widor Symphony 5 and 6, Cavaille-Coll Organ, Saint-Ouen (van Oosten)
Widor Symphony 5 and 6, Cavaille-Coll Organ, Saint-Suplice (Roth)
WIdor Mass, Cavaille-Coll Organ, Saint-Suplice (Roth)
Four Great Toccatas&Fugues, Four Antiphonal Organs, Frieburg Cathedral (Power-Biggs)

21 Spices, Trilok Gurtu & NDR Big Band

Fujiyama, Ondekoza, Gold CD
Kyoten Douchi, Ondekoza, K2HD
Doutou Banri, Ondekoza, K2HD HQMastering
Legend, Odekoza 20-bit K2
Super Trio, FIM Music UDC Ultimate Disc

Fagen, Morph The Cat

Tathagatha, He Xun Tian
Sister Drum, Dadawa
Seven Days, Dadawa

TOUCH, YELLO (their best album to-date IMHO)

Miscellaneous PHUTUREPRIMATIVE and ZeroOne tracks...
Miscellaneous Porcupine Tree tracks across several albums

THE ROAD HOME, Jordan Rudess

Various favorite Mahler #1, #2 and Shostakovich #5, #8, #10 tracks

Various Jazz tracks of Venus Hyper-magnum 24/192s and SACDs
Various Jazz tracks of FIM/LIM UDCs....

Extremely impressed....!!! More to come!
Forgot to mention what's been spinning in the last hour;

VEGAS, The Crystal Method
LEGION of BOOM, The Crystal Method

Zephyr24069 are the NL14+ amps based on the Edge NL Signature One Mono Amplifiers.
My friend has the Edge NL Signature one amps.
He's using a Mark Levinson 380 preamp, Sony SCD-1 CD SACD player modified by Richard Kern and JM Lab Mezzo Utopia speakers.
The Edge NL Signature One Mono Amplifiers sound like a tube amp with solid state authority.
If the Maker amps are better then those amps, they must be amazing amplifiers.
My NL12.1 had similar attributes to the NL Sig Ones. The NL14 have even more weight and refinement in the mids & highs and all the same attributes only better without losing the SS authority. Very happy and impressed here...amazing is a word that applies!
Threw a lot of big classical on demanding playback levels at the NL14 yesterday and today. At only 250 hours or so, this amp is opening my eyes further to the changes it brings. It has taken everything I've thrown at it in stride and rewards with very musical sounds, great imaging and overall and very impressive experience. Don't have time to write more but "HOLY SH%^& What an Amp!" comes to mind no matter whether it's rendering subtle violin, piano, sax, flute, vocal or other delicate passages or is in full-on assault mode for any of the most demanding material I've thrown at it. Tom Maker has done it again and even better than the prior NL12.x and Sig One generations!
The NL14 crosses 350 hours today.....extremely happy with the texture, liquidity, depth and musicality of the entire frequency spectrum. I've had a couple guys over that know my system well and what this amp is capable of taken all by surprise in terms of what a jump it is over an already great amp that preceded it. The soundstage is much more dense in all dimensions and the room is filled with very realistic music you can almost touch.....extremely impressed and happy with this move!
After last night's great listening session, Zephyr, I'd agree completely. Compared to the NL12.1 you now have a more liquid and enveloping sound. You still have breathtaking levels of detail retrieval, but with a more liquid and enveloping and inviting personality, and less razor's edge character.

That your previous setup could be improved both boggles the mind and is the truth that keeps nuts like us spinning the gears in our heads.
I do but have been using an Esoteric A-02 stereo amp for a while now; it mates even better with my pre-amp and the Wavelet RoomEQ device. It's giving me even more magic in the mids and highs than I've ever had before. There is something to be said for system synergy for sure......the Maker is a fine piece and may wind up in another system in the house very soon!

I see you've got yours up for sale; what are you moving to (if anything)?
Don't know yet. Buying Spatial M2 S speakers so might just keep the amp as very few buyers out there that know how good this amp is.
Best of luck with all is a fine amp so it's a great idea to see how it mates with your new speakers, etc....for me with the Aeris and the processor, the A-02 was a better match overall, not for anything lacking in the NL14 amp by any means but simply in the overall synergy of the A-02's sound putting more tube-like characteristics into the audio chain right before the speakers and their processor.  For my ears and what I'm looking for, a better combination, nothing more...
I am not going to sell them now. Not going to give them away!! I have VC through the Phasure NOS1 XXHE software but might try a tube pre map to see what happens.

Getting these speaker instead of the Spatial

Trio15 Voxativ, Open Baffle Speakers

Have the 325w NL 14+ on the 96db Pureaudioproject speakers. Almost sold them but buyer backed out. Almost gave them away at the asking price. Going to run the EAR 890 amp to A/B with the NL 14+. Winner stays or may keep both as SS so things that tubes just can not do.
A/B the Quicksilver Silver 88 with the NL14+ on 96Db speakers

 The 14+ destroyed the 88!!! No contest game over now on to the EAR 890 for a Monday A/B
Will be interested to hear your assessment. Maker Audio mostly flies under the radar but the products are outstanding for the money. My Ref 2a amp outclassed and replaced some very good class D amps I was listening to (Devialet, Ncore and Auralic) while providing an audio upgrade in almost every parameter: increased body, sound-staging, decay, delicacy and naturalness, all without missing any detail or extension.
Having owned an NL14 Stereo and heard the NL14+ as well as the Edge NL12.1s before them (Maker Audio's came from Edge), that's very easy to believe. Tom Maker has long enjoyed a reputation in the audio industry for building amazing solid state amps....
Well boys and girls, I am re buying the 14+ amps that are in Italy. I never should have sold them. Have the Thrax Enyo tube integrated amp with dac that is staying forever. 
Good for you. I recently picked up a NL14+ Version II from Tom. Much better than my old Edge amps. Bob