Making cables pretty

What are the best techniques for making cables look pretty. I'm thinking of wiring my rear surrounds with Kimber 4PR. Unfortunately, I'm going to need to wire it along the carpet's edge and then up the wall, since I'm not wiring into the walls right now. Trouble is, the cable is brown, and my carpet and walls are off-white.

Are there any tricks to get the cable to "disappear" (spraypaint? cable covers? tape?).

There are corner sleeves that go over the cable in the corner going up your wall that you paint to match your walls. I think you could find them at any store like Home Depot
Order a roll of heat shrink sleeving (whatever diameter you need) from an electronic supply like Allied or Newark. Cut to length & then slide it over your cables; just don't heat shrink it since that would make it harder to remove if you ever want to change colors or revert to the natural finish. For Kimber 4TC size cable, around a 1/4" to 3/8" sleeve I believe would fit.
Cables are pretty!!!

Don't cover them!!!

Then again, some of you are married and need to worry about the WAF... For me if the girlfriend doesn't like it, TOUGH! It's my place!

God, being single really has it's merits sometimes!
Assuming you like your wires other than the appearence, why not get some fabric that compliments your decor and make up some "cable condoms"? Cut it to size, and you (or someone else) sew velcro on the the two edges, and wrap up your cable? Cheap and sensible solution to a WAF issue. ATB, Jeff
My solution is simple, I use PVC water pipe, suspended under my foundation and hide every cable in the system till it rises from the hole in the floor and connects to the equipment.

This should be possible with any pier and beam foundation home and my best friend used this idea with his slab foundation. He had grooves cut in the concrete for the PVC before the hardwood floor was laid.

Those building a new home could easily have the contractor set the PVC in the foundation before the concrete pour.

If you cannot hide them as I suggest, several of the above comments are sensible solutions to covering them up.
Albert - Gee I hope that PVC Pipe is treated with a conductive coating and grounded. I am sure you don't want any static on the line... :-)
- Dan.
I mounted my monos UNDER the speakers onto the floor joists, and threaded the cables up though the baseboard.
Only a few feet of silver ribbon "flows" from the walls.
Why not pull the carpet up and run them under it along the edge. You will get a slight bulge but visually it will blend better then anything else.