CSNY 1974 ..... pretty perfect

To all of my fellow Audiogoners who have ever loved Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young ..... get this boxed set ! It is fantastic ! Whether you are a fan of any of the boys singularly, in assorted duo combinations, as the original threesome, or as the full CSNY quartet, this set of fine musical performances will transport you back to one of the greatest concert runs of all time. Bravo and kudos to David, Stephen, Graham, and Neil. Thanks for the great tunes, the beautiful harmonies, and the wonderful memories.
If you want a taste of this set without buying the boxed set go to Starbucks for a single disc for $12.95. They have been out for about a week; might be a few left. The cd includes a coupon for a free digital download.
Hey Val ..... That's good to know. But if you can afford the extra forty bucks (the
price of a halfway decent bottle of wine), buy the full set. All the music is terrific
and there's not one song I would want to be without. And if you get it from
Amazon (no affiliation) you also get the entire 3 CD set as a download.
Cool- will see if it's available on LP. Thanks for the tip Adam. BTW- helluva good concert lineup in Albany this year. What do ya think?
Hi Fjn04 ... Here's a link to the vinyl. Mucho $$$$.


And by the way, when I bought the CD set from Amazon last week, it was $54.98. Last night, I saw it on their site for $39.88, so I called them, and they quickly refunded the difference. Nice folks at Amazon ....

And yes, Fjn, lots of great shows in the Albany area. And my compliments to you on a beautiful system. Shindo and DeVore ... perfect together !
Graham talks a great story about helping people, the earth, etc. Then there's this LP set that's all about GREED. $500 for 40 songs. I have an extensive collection of CSNY, collectively and individually, all on vinyl. It will have to suffice. Ultimate hypocrisy.
Yeah, but the $499 also includes a beautiful wooden box to hold the LP's ..... LOL :). That's why the CD box set for $39.88 is a good deal. After all, the songs are beautiful and the "you are there feeling" is pretty cool.
I love these guys but OUCH, 500 bucks.... Thanks Adam, I enjoy the system alot. This summer has been crazy busy, but hopefully it will calm down soon. Not enough listening time!
I was at the show in Jersey the night Nixon resigned. I will never forget the madness that ensured after Crosby made the announcement.
Carry On indeed.
I bought the CD box set on the day of release and highly recommend the music. I also checked out the vinyl package and figured that was was to many fun tickets for what was offered. I wouldn't place blame on any one person for the cost of the LP's. CSN&Y is 4 people with equal economic interest. After reading about putting the package together I can only imagine the negotiations concerning retail. In this case I'll happily enjoy my digital edition.
Joman-not placing blame at Graham's doorstep exclusively but, he typically comes off as the spokesman for the group. I'm sure multiple voices participated in the outrageous pricing for the vinyl set.
I remember this '74 tour with ticket prices over $70!!!! This was double all other concerts at the time. The accusations of GREED and sell outs flew, but it was the greatest music of the time. Now the cd is released at less than the cost of the concert, very fair, and the vinyl is similar to other recent box sets, Greed or just the marketplace? If you can afford the vinyl buy it, if you can only afford the cd, buy it, this is maybe the height of '70's music. Very excited to get mine!
Just put on the first disc, pretty spectacular, hoping all of it is this wonderful. Wish I had been there then. Thanks for the "heads-up"!
Saw this thread and pulled out the old 4 Way Street double lp and listened to all 4 sides. Haven't played this in many years. Thanks.
4 Way Street (I also have the original double LP) is still one of my favorite all-time albums. Stills' piano keys pounding live version of Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" leading right into "Love the One You're With" is simply amazing.
Got it. listened to it. Boy has live recording technology improved...If you've got 4 way street, I'd say the $$. Stills and Crosby voices are shot, harmonies way off, sound muffled, esp. lead guitars. I'm a big fan but imo, this is not a keeper. Anyone want to make me an offer? After that sales pitch, I'll probably have to beat them off w a stick!