Making my own power cord.

I need an unusual power cord configuration that I can’t find extant anywhere.  It looks like I’m going to have to make my own, even though I’ve never done it before.
 I need to have a two pronged IEC-C17 connector at one end and a standard wall plug at the other end
Does anyone know where  I can obtain the materials for such a connection?
Also, I’m going to need instructions on how to do it.
folkfreak and gs5556,

Thank you for responding.

I called both Crutchfield and Audioquest.
It’s a no-go.  
Audioquest doesn’t make a C17 for what I need.  They make a C15 two prong but it’s for an American style IEC, not European.
He suggested I call a European company.
I have contacted Cyrus.  We’ll see what they say.
Here is the C17 female connector:

These guys make custom pc's from a drop down menu but not with the C-17. Maybe if you call them they can accommodate you... if not

You will find the conductor wires and plugs here also. Go to the "Custom Power" "Assembled Indoor Power Cords Menu" and you can order it any length with a plug on one end and the other end stripped so it's ready for you to just simply screw the C-17 connector clamps on the exposed ends.
there are lots of DIY sites out there a search away ...

eg, Blue Jeans Cable, Audio Advisor, Parts express, etc
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You do realize that any IEC with a ground will fit, right? It's perfectly safe. 

What is not safe is when the equipment requires a ground, and you disable it.