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Ok, first and foremost i like headphones first, then speaker listening.  Let's assume i own nothing at this moment.  I have 3 options to achieve where i want to get to.  I want something that will drive my HD 650 headphones and drive some easy-to-drive speakers, this is the end goal, i did fail to mention it needs to be tubes.  My budget for this not counting speakers, is going to be $1000.


1.  Headphone amp that can be used as a preamp also, problem here is not a ton of choices, Little Dot Mark 2, is not a great preamp, but Little Dot Mark 3, works as a preamp, butt ugly amp IMO.  This route only needs a decent amp and use the headphone amp as a preamp.


2. Get a tube preamp and a good integrated amp with a headphone jack, the problem with this approach is finding an integrated amp with a good headphone jack is not easy, most amps make the headphone jack any good.  Emotiva A2M has a very good headphone jack and speaker hookup, this is an option.


3  Last one but a more expensive way, but a good headphone amp, and a separate amp and tube preamp.


All ideas and feedback are welcome.

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Thanks guys, that LTA looks nice, have to up my budget, seems like it puts out not much power into the speakers in 100 minutes, which gets rid of many speakers, but still an option.


Not a fan of Schiit audio, they make a good product but the plain jane look i dont like.

Hey friend,RUN,don't walk,well let your fingers do the walking over to iFi..Scroll down & find "Retro Stereo 50"..Buy it before someone else does!

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I think after looking around getting a headphone amp that's going to drive speakers also it's extremely difficult to find because one of them is going to be compromised if it's more towards headphones it's going to drive speakers okay decently if it's more focused on speakers you're not going to get that much power in the headphone jack I'm yet to find looking for a company that put focus on both of those in one amp I'd love to see it I don't care what it costs I'd love to see it.

I'm thinking tube preamp into a integrated amp that has a headphone jack maybe the best way to go and I think the emotiva a2m fits the bill perfectly cuz it's got an exceptional headphone output and it's got 50 Watts for channel to drive speakers and it's $300 I just have to find a good tube preamp I think that's going to be the better way to go.