Maplenoll Setup

I have a Ariadne Maplenoll turntable given to me by a friend. He had stored it in his garage for more than a few years and was looking for someone who would properly set it up and love it! Being disabled, setting the turntable up has been a slow-moving project but its now moving to the top of my list.

When I got it, it had what I suspect is a line filter in the pipeling before the tank (and one I think after the tank). When I tried, I could not blow air through either of the filters, they seemed clogged. I looked to replace them but I obviously do not know what to buy (or where to buy them). Can someone point me in the right direction for where to buy a replacement? I have scanned aquarium sites with no luck.

I am sure once I get the tubing worked out I will have a whole new set of questions!

Could be lots of things. Start at the pump with nothing connected and if you get pressure work your way to the arm and table eliminating each piece.

There is a valve at the table to adjust flow to arm vs. bearing make sure that it is operable.

It should be easy to diagnose. Your arm and bearing may be clogged with residue and other contaminants that will not allow the air to flow. You have to dismantle and clean scrupulously with pure alcohol and lint free type cloths. Your line could be collapsed or breached your filters could be clogged. You need to bypass each part or temporarily replace bits with hose etc to see if they work. Remember your arm and bearing can't tolerate water in the line so a good water filter is important. Try harbour freight for a cheap temp solution for your tests on this.

A member here "oilmanXXX"- can't remember his exact moniker.. has tons of experience with these- you can look up his posts if they still exist in the archive.

I've worked on them they can be maddening- sound good though.
Neal--Where do you live? if you are reasonably close to Indianapolis, i will see if i can come by. If not, shoot me a couple of pictures of your set up and then we can work through the troubleshooting. I had been out of touch recently with vacation, hence missed your post. These are a little fussy getting set up properly, but once set up, they really are not too fussy. The key to these tables are level setup (both arm and platter), then a clean dry air supply. Depending on your model (ie white Ariadne--reference or the grey Ariadne--signature) and the weight of the platter, the air supply pressure will be different at the arm(it loves high pressure) and the platter(low pressure--1-5psig depending on platter weight). I will send you a PM to my email to send the pics.