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Tonearm adjustments on the fly
Pete Riggle make an adaptator for your own arm. The VTAF. I use it with my origin live conqueror mk II and am very pleased. Following a report from 10 audio Jerry Siegel found that this arm sound better with the VTAF. 
Zyx mistracking issue
On my french forum a lot of people have got problems with zyx. I have been told that on German forum some people were not satisfied with zyx cartridge too.I have bought a Benz LPS after the zyx experience. 
Doge 8 Clarity: 12AT7 replacement for phono stage
I own a doge 8 and the phono section is quite good. I use it with a Hagerman piccolo 2 step up, a very very good one for peanuts. I have no hiss with a Benz lps.In the phono section I use a Mazda silver 12 ax7  and other make of tubes. The man in ... 
Origin Live company support
I live in France and I have an OL conqueror mk II. I contacted them a few time for a heavy counterweight,...and each time get an answer and the product I need. 
Phonostage recommendations under $3K
To MullvellingAny news on  the Hagerman trumpet mc ?Thanks 
Classic records sleeves.
Many thanks for the answers.I checked a mercury  lp from speakers corner and it have a stamped number .My classic record label  reissue of RCA lp have the nearly handwritten script.I am going to check with the sellers. 
Classic records sleeves.
Thanks for your answers.For those who own reissue lp from classic records label ,is there a mention on the sleeve ? 
VTA on the fly
I have the vtaf from Pete Riggle on my OL conqueror mkII arm with Benz LPS and you can hear easily small adjustments .The vtaf with conqueror arm got a v good review on 10 audio. 
A Worthwhile Untrasonic Cleaner
I make a try with photoflo on my us machine but I found the treble hard . I have to clean it twice on my regular moth machine to get again natural treble so I have ordered iltofol and am going to try in the next days. 
Japan Trip - Looking For Shopping MC Cartridge Recommendations
My Zyx airy 3 began before 1000 hours to get suspension probem,and I bought it through official importer. On my French forum 5 people got problem with zyx mistracking  ,or with bad sound low millage. 4 were bought at official dealers and one... 
Japan Trip - Looking For Shopping MC Cartridge Recommendations
Be careful with zyx as there are many problems and it is better to have a good after sale service. 
speed controller for Lenco or Garrard
You have a controler from hanze hifi with a review on positive feedback.In fact the Phoenix is special as it control the speed with the tachometer but unfortunately no more on the market.For the lenco it is interesting to get a controler with choi... 
Measuring turntable speed
I have a hand held tachometer from China which I trusted but I discovered a moment ago that there is a difference with the arduino from DIY audio of 0.6 turn per minute. 
Zyx mistracking issue
The zyx suspension is particularly fragile but I am not sure your problem is relative to that fact. 
Lenco and Garrard external ac power supply
I just bought a Nigel speed controller described on lencoheaven.Same gain with music as Pani described but I settle the voltage at 216 volts, far better than 233 volts found normally at home.