Marantz SA-11S2 vs. Esoteric SA-10 vs. NAD M5

Any opinions on which is the best of these three SACD/CD Players?

My system consists of: Pass Labs X1, X250.5 & Wilson Audio Sophia speakers. My budget is $3.5K-new. The NAD is only $1.8K, but I've heard that it will sonically hang with the other two $3.5K machines. I run my system Balanced-via XLRs, as are all three of these players.
I have not heard NAD M5 or the SA-11S2, but I do currently own the Esoteric SA-10, which I really like. Great on redbook, even better on SACD. Very extended on both ends, and nice fluid, natural sound. Plenty detailed. I too have been curious about how either NAD or Marantz you mention compare to the Estoteric.
Happened across your post. I bought a used SA-10 here on Audiogon and am very happy with it. Seems to focus very well. CDs seem very smooth. I have a few Concord SCADs that are very dynamic and real sounding. I have not heard the NAD or Marantz.