Marble with cork

I was thinking of using 2" By 2" marble squares with cork lining top & bottom for ringing due to marble under spikes for my Von Schweikerts. Concrete floor ,carpeted. Does anybody think this would tighten up the Bass. OR FROM experience what would you recomend. Thanks
I use 24" X 24" granite with mdf platforms under my SF Strad's with great results.
I bought them from Paul @ Adona Corp.
I could now position the speakers much easier (by myself) as well as have them closer to both the back & side walls with better imaging & soundstage.
Will cost more than the 2" X 2" squares, but will look much better & will do the job right!
In general, you can couple the speakers to the floor using spikes and have the vibrations pass on through to the floor or you can isolate the speakers from the floor. I have Opera Platea floorstanders and prefer to go with a vibration isolation/ control approach. I live in an apartment house on a busy street in Queens (NYC) and feel that vibration control is more of an issue. I use neoprene rubber/cork isolation pads on top of 1 1/2 inch thick bamboo cutting boards to eat up the vibrations. System sounds great.


Do you have excessive bass? If you do, it should not be caused by the footing since you have concrete floor. I suggest you look into the dimension of your room and reposition the speakers. Don't waste time on those marble squares. They don't work for speakers. If they did, every manufacturer would have been shipping them with their speakers.