Need suggestions for speaker platforms - Klipsch Forte IIs on marble floor

I'm going to be moving to a new place in a few months, and I need advice on proper isolation for my speakers. The floors in the new place are all marble, and the walls are predominantly stone/brick. I can get audio treatment for the walls, and carpets to help deaden the floor to an extent, but the design of the Forte II is (apparently) intended to directly couple with the floor. That might be okay for a wood or carpeted floor, but hard marble is going to send a million out-of-phase vibrations all over the place. What can I put under the speakers so they behave, and prevent the room from turning into an uncontrolled sounding board?


Those stands look great, but even the big ones are too small to fit under the Forte cabinet.

Springs are the only way to isolate your speakers from the floor. spikes couple, and other solutions such as pads and elastomers are semi-coupled.  the best spring system is Townshend.

Thanks for the suggestions, all. I really like the Townshend stuff, but dealers are thin on the ground where I am. I'll keep looking. I do like the Audio Physics system, and they have a dealer where I'm headed, so they will be a good option to keep in mind.

I second the iso acoustics stuff but i would look at the GIA's as they will screw into the existing spike locations.